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Vinod Gupta Awarded Honorary Doctorate by IIT Kharagpur

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Vinod Gupta, 1967 alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, was recently awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) by his alma mater Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

Mr. Gupta received his Bachelors in 1967 and then moved to the University of Nebraska where he received his Masters Degree in Engineering and MBA. After that he had a successful business career in Omaha, Nebraska.

Mr. Gupta was instrumental in setting up the first Business School in the IIT system in 1993. The business school is called the Vinod Gupta School of Management, which is ranked in the top 5 business schools in India. After that he also established an Intellectual Property Law School at IIT Kharagpur which is called the Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law. This law school is also ranked in the top 5 in India.

Over the years Mr. Gupta has been a loyal supporter of IIT Kharagpur and has visited the campus over 25 times since graduation.

Mr. Gupta calls the IIT Kharagpur campus his “Temple.” He always feels at home when he goes there and loves to walk around the campus and marvel with amazement at the talent which has graduated from this sacred place.

This campus was also the headquarters of the United States Eighth Air Force during World War II. That is where General Curtis LeMay was based and directed the airlift into China.

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