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VIP StarNetwork Partners with Vacmobile to Improve COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Records

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VIP StarNetwork, the leading healthcare company for the film industry, has announced a partnership with Vacmobile Corporation, a healthcare SaaS mobile application and enterprise software solution focused on providing digital access, storage and transmission of COVID-19 vaccination and test results and generating a Health Pass.

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Vacmobile Health Pass Screens (Photo: Business Wire)

Vacmobile Health Pass Screens (Photo: Business Wire)

VIP StarNetwork brings its network of on-the-ground mobile labs and healthcare providers to provide COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, along with its Access Health mobile app that allows patients to access a network of providers at any given time nationwide. Vacmobile’s technology offers an end-to-end digital experience to obtain vaccination records and COVID-19 test results and generate a Health Pass for on-demand use.

Between the two companies’ capabilities, businesses will be able to more safely mitigate risks for face-to-face interactions. This collaboration will also make COVID-19 tests and vaccinations more accessible to the most underserved communities.

Johonniuss Chemweno, CEO of VIP StarNetwork, states, “This partnership turns an important corner for healthcare access, all while understanding the critical, worldwide need for safety and security measurements for validated COVID-19 vaccinations and tests.”

Jennifer Sparks, CEO of Vacmobile, says, “It is critical that we harness the best technology to navigate this pandemic. We are committed to breaking down barriers built over decades that have prevented the underserved from obtaining high-quality, affordable healthcare. Vacmobile is excited to partner with VIP StarNetwork to facilitate a safer and quicker path back to pre-pandemic volumes for in-person interactions for education, business, travel, sports and recreational activities.”

The professionals at VIP StarNetwork excel in providing health services for the film industry, including COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. VIP StarNetwork’s cutting-edge technology enables easy online access to health records, along with a patient-care model that matches patients to the right physicians. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently approved VIP StarNetwork as a Mass Vaccination Provider, enabling it to deploy massive vaccine clinics in the geographic areas it serves.

Today, mandated vaccination records are generated on paper and are often accessed “in person.” Vacmobile provides a contact-less solution that will help families and institutions stay safe and compliant with federal, state and local laws, while providing documentation for physical access to educational and corporate campuses. Based in the Atlanta metro, the world’s public health capital, Vacmobile has been guided by top immunologists and epidemiologists across the country. Emory University President Emerita, Dr. Claire Sterk, a recognized leader in public health, serves as the Chairperson of the Vacmobile Board.

Vacmobile Health Passes, which track COVID-19 test results and vaccinations, will allow individuals and organizations to safely resume face-to-face interactions. Vaccination records are required by law for school and college enrollment, some employment, international travel and other use cases.

This collaboration will provide a nimbler alternative to the larger industry players like IBM and Apple that are also working on Health Pass solutions. Because of their smaller size, VIP StarNetwork and Vacmobile can operate at a significantly faster pace, free from the bureaucracy that slows down their competitors.

About VIP StarNetwork:

As a pioneer in the industry, VIP StarNetwork provides exceptional medical services to film professionals, including cast and crew members, who are away from their regular physicians. Increasing satisfaction and creating a more productive team will ultimately increase the health, wellness, and well-being of actors, producers, directors and executive team members.

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About Vacmobile Corporation

Vacmobile offers integrated SaaS mobile, enterprise software, and advanced analytics solutions used to obtain, store and transmit certified digital vaccination records and pandemic health status records. Individuals use the app to manage their vaccination history and compliance. Large and small scale institutions will license the mobility and enterprise software solution to receive certified digital records and test results. Vacmobile Health Passes will allow organizations to safely resume face to face interactions.

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