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Virtium Expands Family of Industrial Embedded NVMe SSDs

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Virtium, a leading solutions provider of industrial solid-state drive (SSD) and memory solutions, today announced the StorFly® Series 6 M.2 NVMe line of SSDs. The new 2280mm-length drives leverage NVMe’s high performance for industrial applications and feature Industrial Temperature (I-Temp) support for consistent operation between -40°C to 85°C. They offer a wide range of capacities, enabling designers to achieve optimal data storage for heavy-workload network communications, industrial automation, transportation and defense applications.

StorFly Series 6 M.2 NVMe SSDs are among the highest-capacity NVMe storage solutions to feature industrial temperature (I-Temp) support. The drives are designed with additional thermal and power-management features that mitigate performance variations caused by harsh environments. These drive capacities range from 240 gigabytes (GB) to 1920 GB – all within the 2280mm form factor. They provide storage system designers broad capacity options utilizing the latest industrial-grade NAND technology to ensure the most cost-effective solid-state storage.

“Striking a balance of performance, low total power and drive longevity requires a deep, thorough understanding of how industrial-embedded storage should address the needs of data-intensive applications,” said Virtium Vice President of Marketing Scott Phillips. “Virtium, over the decades, has developed that keen understanding. Many of our customers deploy their systems in some of the harshest, most remote environments imaginable — where data is written and read thousands of times a day; they don’t have the luxury of easy access to replace worn-out drives, limitless power sources and temperate climates. StorFly Series 6 M.2 NVMe SSD endurance, reliability and performance are paramount to the success of these kinds of systems.”

The Series 6 line expands Virtium’s NVMe industrial-embedded storage solutions developed to meet the needs of rapidly growing applications that demand optimum performance, capacity and endurance. The new high-capacity drives complement Virtium’s StorFly Series 3 NVMe line of SSDs, which are targeted at lighter workloads such as operating-system booting and do not require the same level of performance as Series 6 applications do. This newly broadened family of StorFly NVMe drives provide storage-system designers a far more extensive selection to meet their specific requirements.

StorFly Series 6 M.2 NVMe SSDs feature integrated vtGuard® power-fail protection that help shield data from unexpected power loss. For added data protection, the SSDs include Virtium’s integrated vtSecure™ technology, including integrated AES encryption with crypto-erase sanitization support and optional TCG Opal encryption, as well as secure in-field firmware update capabilities.

Boosting the drives’ durability, the Series 6 M.2 NVMe SSDs include thin heat-spreaders for improved thermal management and also support options for conformal coating, BGA underfill and extra-thick gold drive contacts to mitigate the effects of harsh environmental conditions, including shock, vibration and humidity.

The new Virtium StorFly Series 6 M.2 NVMe industrial-embedded SSDs are sampling now. To learn more, visit our M.2 NVMe page here, contact Sales here or call 888.VIRTIUM (888.847.8486).

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Virtium is a leading designer and builder solid-state storage and memory solutions, all manufactured in the U.S., for the network communications, industrial, transportation, defense, and other key markets that require data-storage integrity. Virtium’s mission is to provide markets with the most reliable industrial-grade solid-state drives and memory modules with the greatest durability, highest consistency and longest product availability. Virtium’s superior industrial embedded solutions and unsurpassed customer support consistently rate some of the highest customer-satisfaction surveys in the industry.

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