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Vital Metrix Presented at TCT 2019 Conference

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Vital Metrix, a late-stage medical device software company developing a non-invasive cardiac output measurement solution, announced today that it had been selected to present at the TCT 2019 Scientific Symposium in San Francisco at the end of September. The TCT (Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics) Conference is an annual global meeting that is focused on interventional cardiovascular medicine with over 11,500 attendees.

Vital Metrix presented as part of the Global Perspectives in MedTech Innovation and Digital Healthcare track on Thursday, September 26. The presentation, “How the Use of Noninvasive Cardiac Output Measurement Can (Could) Help You Manage Your Heart Failure Patient,” was presented by J. Thomas Heywood, M.D., Vital Metrix’s Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of the Advanced Heart Failure and Mechanical Circulatory Support Program at Scripps Health.

The presentation comes as Vital Metrix begins to stage for entrance into the market, post-FDA clearance. This non-invasive measurement will aid clinicians in their treatment plans for the management of heart failure patients. Heart failure currently affects over 6.5 million Americans and remains the No. 1 cause of hospitalizations in the Medicare population according to the Heart Failure Society of America.

“We are excited to have had this opportunity to share how the Vital Metrix solution could benefit both the heart failure patient and the healthcare provider caring for them,” said Vital Metrix COO Ginny Rowland. “Vital Metrix being selected highlights the desire of the healthcare market to further explore and potentially use innovative technology to more easily access vital information in the care of patients and to potentially lower the cost of care.”

About Vital Metrix

Vital Metrix is a late-stage medical device software company developing a non-invasive cardiac output measurement solution that will be used in multiple areas of clinical care, from multiple departments within a hospital to a physician’s office. For more information, visit