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VKS Lite Work Instruction Software Free During COVID-19 Pandemic

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To help companies overcome the difficulties presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, VKS is offering its work instruction software for free. Leveraging the power of visual learning, VKS empowers companies to convert their standard operating procedures into a paperless step-by-step form, complete with images, videos, and annotations. VKS facilitates the transfer of knowledge as companies shift production between facilities, changeover to the production of medical supplies, and manage the inevitable absenteeism of their workforce.

“Over the past few weeks all of our lives have shifted in one way or another. From an increase in remote work all the way to social distancing, we have entered an era of unprecedented change. Looking at everything we have encountered so far, a clear trend has emerged: digital technologies are here to help,” explained Ryan Zimmermann, the VKS Director of Business Development.

“It is for this reason that we have decided to offer our VKS Lite solution free during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he also added.

About VKS (Visual Knowledge Share Ltd.)

Backed by more than 60 years of manufacturing experience and customers in over 35 countries, VKS is a key component to digitizing the shop floor. Originally developed by a manufacturing company in the South Shore of Montreal in Quebec, the VKS platform allows companies to create digital work instructions and standard operating procedures, complete with pictures, videos, annotations and more. By connecting shop floor employees with crucial information concerning best practices and critical processes, VKS helps to improve communication while simultaneously increasing traceability through the capture of live production data from the workforce.

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