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VodaSafe’s AquaEye® Donated to Whistler Search and Rescue to Reduce Drowning Recovery Time

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VodaSafe’s AquaEye®, the world’s first hand-held scanning sonar device for water-based search and rescue, and Whistler Fire, today announces that an AquaEye® has been donated to Whistler Search and Rescue by GFL Environmental. The AquaEye® unit will be used to help Whistler Fire’s firefighters and Whistler Search and Rescue rescue and recover missing persons from Whistler’s bodies of water.

“Our first-of-its-kind technology is helping search and rescue groups across North America reduce harm in their communities,” said Carlyn Loncaric, Founder and CEO of VodaSafe. “As a Vancouver-based business, we’re thrilled to see the technology being implemented in Whistler where it can help local families affected by water accidents.”

The hand-held sonar device, AquaEye® uses the latest ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies to provide record-breaking water rescue response. AquaEye® is specifically designed to be portable, durable, and easy to use for emergency response teams to aid in the rescue and recovery of missing persons. AquaEye®’s ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies are unparalleled with the ability to conduct a 360 degree scan in as little as 3-5 minutes with a search area coverage of 85,000 square feet or nearly two acres. AquaEye® is providing first-of-its-kind technology to search and rescue teams, fire departments, police forces, summer camps, dive teams and other water-related groups across North America.

“It’s incredibly difficult to locate people under the water in Whistler’s lakes and rivers, which are rich in minerals that make our water opaque,” said Chris Nelson, Deputy Fire Chief, Whistler Fire. “Our hope is that AquaEye will help Whistler Search and Rescue and Whistler Fire find people under water within minutes so that we can resuscitate them and reduce harm to Whistler community members and visitors. We are grateful to GFL Environment for donating the device to our community.”

Whistler Fire and Whistler Search and Rescue will be trained on AquaEye® use in a series of training sessions over the holiday season delivered by VodaSafe. The AquaEye® will be used in Whistler as of late January 2021 for water accidents through the year.

VodaSafe’s AquaEye® is currently available through Barrier Waterman in the United States and the Lifesaving Society or directly through VodaSafe in Canada.

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About VodaSafe: VodaSafe is a Canadian developer committed to modernizing current water based rescue technologies for search and rescue, emergency responders, lifeguards, and recreational users to aid in lifesaving and victim recovery. Born from the intersection of engineering and lifeguarding on the West Coast of Canada, VodaSafe’s flagship product, AquaEye®, is the world’s first hand-held scanning sonar device that utilizes ultrasound and artificial intelligence technologies for water rescue and recovery. For more information, visit: