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 VoPay’s Payment Technology Solution Powers MICC Financial’s New Savings Platform

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VoPay, a leader in payments innovation, is now powering the payment layer of MICC Financial’s rotational savings platform.

VoPay’s payment technology platform provides an ideal solution to enable the new generation of financial technology businesses to easily and rapidly incorporate payments into their technology applications. With access to a full suite of payment technology services, new technology businesses and legacy businesses that are just starting to integrate technology can widen their market and provide their customers with more options to match how they do business.

By utilizing VoPay’s single payments API, MICC Financial was able to rapidly implement all required payment services in a streamlined manner, empowering groups of any size to save money, access capital and build credit as a team.

Hamed Arbabi, VoPay CEO & Founder, said “Group rotational savings is a new personal finance concept for Canadians so we’re proud to help make it a reality to help Canadians meet their financial goals during a challenging phase for many people.”

“VoPay was able to provide an innovative payment solution that was fully customizable to meet our unique product needs,” said Jonah Chininga, Co-Founder of MICC Financial, “and this has allowed us to offer an optimal user journey that builds loyalty and trust.”

The partnership has allowed a seamless payment experience to help deliver on MICC Financial’s mission to foster collaboration and improve the financial well-being of Canadians.

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VoPay is a leader in payment innovation offering a single API that instantly connects businesses to global banking and payment networks with speed and transparency. The company has one goal: to eliminate all payment inefficiencies, so businesses can focus on what they do best in today’s fast-paced digital economy. Discover the art of seamless and secure bank payments at:

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MICC is a digital collaborative platform that helps groups of people save money, access capital, and build credit. The company’s mission is to improve the financial access of Canadians through collaboration. Learn more at: