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Wage and Hour Compliance Platform, EmployeeMetrics® Becomes PAR Technology’s Newest Brink POS® Integration Partner

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ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and Unified Commerce Cloud Platform for Enterprise Restaurants, today announced that EmployeeMetrics®, a labor and employment compliance platform, is the newest member of PAR’s Brink POS® integration partner network.

The various state and federal labor wage and hour laws present challenges for businesses. EmployeeMetrics integrates with existing timekeeping systems to make the accurate tracking of hours simpler and more efficient. In doing so, businesses can reduce labor costs, and employees are more likely to take compliant breaks.

“We realized that we were doing a less than ideal job at reminding employees to take meals and rest breaks,” one EmployeeMetrics client said. “Our manager constantly was burdened with the job of reminding employees to go on break or take a lunch and was dropping the ball. As a result of implementing EmployeeMetrics, our time tracking is more accurate, our manager is less stressed, and our employees are much happier on the job with proper tracking in place.”

EmployeeMetrics’ app is referred to as the Employee Tracker App™ (“ETA”). It offers real-time data visualizations of hours worked, recorded breaks, and upcoming breaks. It can be viewed on any Internet-connected device, such as a manager’s phone, a tablet in the front of the house, or a smart tv in the back of the house. Push notifications, end-of-day reports, and other alerts are easily accessible for people with administrative access.

“By partnering with one of the leading point-of-sale vendors, EmployeeMetrics is able to make labor/employment compliance easier for a wide range of restaurant owners and operators across the country,” said Brian Kriegler, founder of EmployeeMetrics. “We view this integration as a win-win and are thrilled to work with Brink POS.”

“Restaurant managers and staff have to deal with a lot of moving parts each day,” Chad Horn, PAR’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re pleased to join forces with EmployeeMetrics to give Brink POS users a way to quickly track employee hours and provide insight into staffing issues they might not even know exist.”


EmployeeMetrics, LLC provides solutions designed to reduce businesses’ operation costs and litigation exposure through web/mobile applications and consulting services. Our technology connects seamlessly with companies’ existing electronic timekeeping systems. Complex labor laws and regulations are incorporated into our platform, making it easier for employers to be compliant.


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