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Want to Know the Impact Of COVID-19 on the IT & Telecom Sector? Now Access Infiniti’s COVID-19 Impact Analysis as a FREE Download

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Infiniti Research is the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market intelligence solutions. Our market intelligence services are designed to connect your organization’s goals with global opportunities. Infiniti’s recent market analysis study by industry experts – COVID-19 impact analysis on the IT and telecom sector, is now available for FREE download. The resource provides key insights into:

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  • How the pandemic is disrupting IT and telecom sectors across regions
  • How supply chain processes are being impeded and strategies of top market players to overcome supply chain challenges
  • Expert insights and recommendations and strategies for companies to rebound from the crisis

The IT and telecom sectors across the globe are facing increasingly tough times with the coronavirus outbreak. As people become compelled to stay at home due to nationwide lockdowns and government restrictions imposed on movement in public, the data usage and the need for network resiliency are on the rise. Now more than ever, there is an urgency for telcos to cater to the rising data requirements while managing the usage surge efficiently to ensure network reliability and resilience. Proactive, data-driven, and agile crisis response by telcos can help rebound and revive business operations faster.

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According to experts at Infiniti Research, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly and sharply reduced new customer sign-ups and increased customer attrition for telcos, unexpectedly pausing and altering typical quarterly dynamics. The key to recovery is to understand each customer segment’s value, customize products and services, and redesign decision-making processes to prioritize impact on consumers. In the technology sector, there is a severe impact on raw materials supply and disruptions to the electronics value chain, causing an inflationary risk on products. Major companies in the market are making several alterations in their supply chain operations to mitigate risks related to COVID-19. Get in touch with an industry expert to strategize for business continuity and combat risks due to the global pandemic.

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