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Ware2Go Joins Point A to Drive Supply Chain Innovation

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Ware2Go, an on-demand warehousing network designed to help merchants simplify and streamline their fulfillment processes, today announced that it has joined Point A’s supply chain innovation network.

Point A is a collaborative supply chain solutions environment that was formed in 2018 to bring together leading companies, startups, and academic institutions in a world-class innovation hub. This environment provides a space for major players in supply chain management to come together to collaborate and innovate the industry. Partnering with Point A means that Ware2Go will be working alongside experts from industry-leading enterprises like Delta Air Lines and Georgia-Pacific, nonprofits like CARE, and educational institutions like Georgia Tech.

Joining Point A’s robust partnership network means that Ware2Go will have frontline access to supply chain data and insights from organizations that are leading the charge in technological and operational innovation. Through this partnership, Ware2Go can leverage the expertise of supply chain professionals across the world to continue enhancing the flexibility, connectivity, and sustainability of Ware2Go’s solutions. As a result, Ware2Go can maximize the value of new capabilities deployed through their technology stack and make faster and smarter product development decisions. Ultimately, the ability to quickly and effectively access these insights and metrics will enable Ware2Go to continue delivering advanced capabilities to the merchants, carriers, and warehouse partners that rely on these solutions.

“We are thrilled to have Ware2Go join our membership as a new and upcoming provider of innovative supply chain solutions,” remarked Mary Kate Love, program director at Point A. “Their capabilities and expertise will further supplement the robust portfolio of solutions our other members possess, and we look forward to working with them to drive the practice of supply chain management forward.”

“Ware2Go’s partnership with Point A will help impact the pace and effectiveness at which enterprise-grade supply chain capabilities can be democratized for small and mid-sized businesses,” added Chris Domby, VP of Supply Chain at Ware2Go. “Ware2Go’s experience with optimizing the supply chains of e-commerce brands with varying degrees of complexity will complement the corporate-level expertise possessed by many of our Point A partners and enable us to develop supply chain strategies that are viable for organizations of all sizes and industries.”

The Ware2Go and Point A partnership demonstrates both organizations’ continued commitment to developing and deploying the next generation of innovative supply chain solutions.

About Point A

Point A is an action-oriented, friction-free solution environment where leading global companies, startups and academic institutions come together to solve complex supply chain challenges. Through this unique partnership of members, Point A fuels the collaboration to develop practical, near-term solutions to problems and ultimately test and launch innovative technologies in realistic settings with measurable results. To learn more, visit

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Ware2Go, a UPS Company, offers a network of warehouses that are strategically positioned to support rapid fulfillment. Merchants can then position products closer to their customers without the need for researching or vetting providers or making long-term volume and time commitments. The Ware2Go™ cloud-based platform and solution provides merchants with seamless end-to-end order fulfillment – storage, pick/pack fulfillment and shipping – with guaranteed two-day delivery. Because the Ware2Go service manages the relationships with warehouses, merchants get the service levels and pricing they might not receive on their own. For more information, please visit