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Waze and Arrive Unveil Enhanced Trip Planner for Stadiums and Venues

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Waze and Arrive are making it easier for people to get to concerts and
sporting events through an enhanced Trip Planner feature called
“GamePlan.” The feature is meant as a way to help fans get to their
seats on time, and alleviate traffic and congestion around venues.
Anyone who purchases event parking through an Arrive-powered venue can
add the trip directly to Planned Drives in their Waze app.

“Every day, multiple times a day, tens of thousands of people travel to
a venue or stadium at exactly the same time to listen to a concert or
cheer on their favorite team. That creates an incredible amount of
congestion in a short period of time – and often in city centers that
are already quite busy,” said Paulo Cabral, Head of Waze Global Events
Partner Program. “Our company’s mission is to reduce traffic and the
GamePlan feature does just that – it makes it easier for people to get
to where they need to go on time.”

The collaboration was piloted with Arrive’s premier partner Olympia
Development in advance of a popular concert at Little Caesars Arena in
Detroit. In addition to adding the trip in their Planned Drives, Waze
and Arrive also alerted users when they should depart and shared
turn-by-turn directions directly to the venue parking garage entrance,
taking into account road closures around the venue. Initial results were
strong, as more than half of fans who booked parking through Arrive for
the concert opened an email suggesting they add the trip to their
Planned Waze Drives and nearly 20% asked Waze to help “Plan Their
Drive.” Waze and Arrive will continue to test GamePlan with select
venues starting in June and expect to scale it broadly across North
America by the end of the summer.

“Parking and congestion are consistently cited as the two biggest pain
points for fans attending games or events, so we understand that the fan
experience starts well before anyone sets foot in a venue. We’re excited
to work with Waze and our hundreds of venue partners to make the journey
as seamless as possible for their customers,” said Dan Roarty, President
and COO of Arrive. “We look forward to further collaboration, as we make
the GamePlan integration more robust and extend the service beyond
venues to airports and others destinations where time is of the essence.”

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