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We Succeed Enters Agreement with University of Pennsylvania, Offering Virtual Tutoring Work-Study Program

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Today, We Succeed announced it has entered an agreement with the University of Pennsylvania to offer virtual work-study employment opportunities to students. We Succeed is a virtual tutoring platform created to lessen the educational inequality gap by providing affordable tutoring services to K-12 students. The company employs high-achieving college students receiving financial aid to offer affordable tutoring to K-12 students, boosting the academic and long-term economic success for both.

“This agreement with one of Philadelphia’s most well respected and renowned schools puts us one step closer in fulfilling our mission of creating a world where college students can complete their college education debt-free and K-12 students can access quality educational support regardless of their economic means,” said Zahid Mustafa, founder and president of We Succeed. “Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual tutoring has been a critical lifeline to students of all ages. Many college students have realized they can support younger students who need learning support, and do so from the convenience of their home or college dorm. We are honored to welcome University of Pennsylvania students into our program.”

Over the past year, more than 97 percent of educators reported seeing some learning loss in their students. We Succeed, which launched in early 2021, seeks to provide a “win-win” approach and solution to tackling educational inequalities by paying college students with financial need a competitive wage while boosting success rates for underserved K-12 students, many of whom have suffered from pandemic learning loss.

The platform, which was developed in conjunction with Saga Education, allows students to work a flexible schedule, with up to 20 hours per week each semester. Students may apply to tutor a range of subjects including: Math, Biology, Chemistry, English/Literacy, History/Social Studies, Physics, Earth Science, Spanish and support for college admissions applications.

The University of Pennsylvania’s work-study program permits students to be employed by off-campus nonprofits and government organizations that enter a formal agreement with the University. As part of this agreement, We Succeed pays a 30-percent matching share of the total wages earned by each student with the other 70 percent paid by work-study funding.

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About We Succeed: We Succeed is a tutoring program that supports both college and K-12 students in need of financial support and quality education. We Succeed aims to provide education for all and boost long-term economic success for society. For more information about We Succeed’s mission, please visit us at