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WeatherBug launches educational campaign for children, the Weather Wizard Program

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WeatherBug (a GroundTruth brand), a leading weather site and mobile app with over 20 million users, has launched the Weather Wizard Program, the company’s first initiative as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™. The educational program launched on September 12th, 2019 and aims to teach children about hazards that can come with severe weather. The campaign uses interactive animation to talk about the dangers of Wildfires, Rip Currents, and Hurricanes.

“We created an interactive animation video where kids will be able to have fun while learning about how to be safe from multiple weather hazards. The Weather Wizard Program is a natural evolution of WeatherBug’s journey to help prepare our communities against the adversities weather can bring,” said Eddie Dingels, WeatherBug’s General Manager.

Besides educating children, the program also wants to help communities to be more prepared for extreme weather and will reward the school with the highest number of participants with a weather station. “This is WeatherBug’s first of many initiatives as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™. Safety and awareness of consumers are two of WeatherBug’s top priorities. We believe that severe weather education is important for building a strong community,” completes Dingels.

The Weather Wizard Program will run from September 12th to October 13th, 2019. Those interested in entering the campaign should access:

WeatherBug was selected as a 2019 WRN Ambassador of Excellence by NOAA due to its educational and community efforts with “The Weather Wizard Program” initiative.

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