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WebPick Launches In-depth Study About the Evolution and Growth of Full Page Online Advertising

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Regulatory News:

WebPick, the digital holding company and technology incubator has released a new whitepaper titled: “Full Page Advertising: Trends and Opportunities.” WebPick’s new whitepaper was created as the ultimate guide for Advertisers and Publishers. It has been designed as a comprehensive resource that explains everything you need to know about the past, present and future of full page advertising formats – with deep market analysis, trend predictions, and examples on how companies have adopted them effectively over the past twenty years.

For the first time, we’re providing market insights into a growing industry estimated to be worth $13 billion, with unprecedented market data in collaboration with AdMaven which for the first time, is able to provide an estimation of the market size. The white paper looks at the evolution of a dynamic industry, and how Facebook and Google have become the main players with the meteoric growth of mobile advertising. In addition, it includes new survey data which shows consumer preferences among the different advertising formats, from disruptive mid-roll video formats to in-app reward-driven advertising. The whitepaper includes:

  • Market Size & Projected Growth: how these niche advertising tools became a $13 billion industry over the past decade with the growth of mobile.
  • User Experience & Customer Preferences: new survey data unveils which formats are perceived as ‘user-friendly’ and which are more disruptive to the customer experience.
  • Google & Facebook Dominance: learn about the industry giants’ ambiguous regulations and changing attitudes towards full page advertising.
  • Publisher & Advertiser Preferences: how FPA provides unprecedented brand control and targeting granularity for both publishers and advertisers.

You can download the full whiteaper on this link.

About WebPick:

WebPick Internet Holdings Ltd., established in 2010 and is today one of the leading internet groups in Israel. WebPick builds and invests in disruptive startups with solid business models. It provides knowledge, guidance, and tools to empower entrepreneurs to grow and thrive, while fostering a culture that focuses on global impact through innovation.