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WebPurify Launches New OCR Profanity Filter to Fight Offensive Text in Memes and Other Images

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Content moderation experts WebPurify today announced the limited beta release of their new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Profanity Filter Service.

This new offering combines WebPurify’s OCR technology with their time-tested profanity filter solution into one powerful API for detecting offensive text in memes and other images in blogs and forums, social media apps, children’s sites, in-game chats, interactive agency campaigns and more.

Proliferation of Memes

The proliferation of memes over social media platforms adds another complicated challenge to keeping companies safe. While offensive imagery has always been a threat, it is now more crucial to ensure that text embedded within these user-submitted images is also carefully checked.

“As the number of user-submitted memes explodes in popularity, businesses can’t possibly monitor them all without the help of an automated real-time service like ours,” says Jonathan Freger, co-founder and CTO of WebPurify. “We advocate for effective moderation flows using a combination of live teams and technology, and are proud to offer this new, easy to integrate, real-time OCR filtering service.”

Freger says most OCR solutions are trained to extract text from documents, making them ineffective at removing text from UGC.

WebPurify’s text extraction technology was trained on high volumes of actual UGC, making it an effective tool for scanning this kind of content.

In addition to filtering for offensive language, Freger points out that WebPurify’s clients can also create custom block and allow lists to address additional text concerns.

Key Features of New OCR Profanity Filter

  • Specially designed to extract text from user-generated images such as memes with accuracy
  • Integrates with the highly-effective WebPurify Profanity Filter
  • Easy to integrate API (like all WebPurify moderation services)
  • Limits the number of images that require human review
  • Ability to create additional custom lists of words to block in image submissions

WebPurify’s new OCR Profanity Filter is now available in limited beta at

Learn more about WebPurify and its content moderation services at

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