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WebPurify Works Behind the Scenes to Stop Cyberbullying and Spread of Harmful Content

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Content moderation experts WebPurify
are working behind the scenes 24/7 to filter profanity, the spread of
harmful content, and incidences of cyberbullying from popular children’s
sites, social media apps, and in-game chats. Now WebPurify is proud to
take its role one step further as Gold Sponsors of Stop
Cyberbullying Day 2019

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WebPurify Works Behind the Scenes to Stop Cyberbullying and the Spread of Harmful Content and is Pro ...

WebPurify Works Behind the Scenes to Stop Cyberbullying and the Spread of Harmful Content and is Proud to be Gold Sponsors of Stop Cyberbullying Day (Graphic: Business Wire)

According to data compiled by advocates at Guard Child, 65% of kids
between the ages of eight and 14 have been involved in a cyberbullying
incident, and most tend to occur on social media.

“Some platforms aren’t properly monitoring for bullying and child
endangerment,” says Joshua Buxbaum, co-founder of WebPurify. “Statistics
show that parents aren’t paying enough attention either, and they need
to stay vigilant.”

WebPurify Partners with iParent101

WebPurify is partnering with Dr. Adam Pletter, a child psychologist at
for Stop Cyberbullying Day 2019 to provide parents with practical tips
to help prevent cyberbullying.

Read 15 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying here.

Download WebPurify’s 2019 Family Internet Contract: Kids’ and
Parents’ Pledge
outlining different expectations for both parents
and teens here.

“All forms of bullying are harassment, and Cyberbullying is uniquely
painful as the harassing communication online is covert, minimizes
empathy building, and follows the victim 24/7 through their device,”
says Dr. Pletter of iParent101.

Dr. Pletter says digital immigrant parents and teachers often lack a
true reference point to guide their support as the access and
connections online are exponentially greater now.

Cyberbullies are often anonymous, online posts are public and permanent,
and have massive viral reach, resulting in those targeted feeling
helpless and often traumatized.

AI + Live Moderation Combats Cyberbullying

WebPurify’s approach to combating cyberbullying combines artificial
intelligence (AI) and live moderation in one powerful platform to detect
high-risk user-generated images and video, minimizing the spread of
harmful content and reducing incidences of cyberbullying.

Buxbaum notes bullies are very creative, so cyberbullying content is not
always blatant and easy to detect.

“Kids are more creative than ever with their cyberbullying attacks
because they’re tech-savvy, have access to photo manipulation tools, and
may disguise a harmful post to evade AI and live moderators,” he says.

The risk factor is the inherent viral nature of a post seen by millions.

These factors make the most effective way to moderate content for
cyberbullying is to think like a bully.

“So when our live moderators encounter an image of a teen boy with the
term ‘heartbreaker’ written across it, they should suspect sarcasm at
play,” says Buxbaum.

In the spirit of Stop Bullying Day, Buxbaum encourages everyone to
distance themselves from those bullying others.

“And while you’re at it, say something nice to someone online,” adds

Stop Cyberbullying Day

To get involved with Stop Cyberbullying Day 2019 activities,
participants can share positive messages on social media using the

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