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WellSky Delivers New Framework for Interoperability to Eliminate Fragmentation in Post-Acute and Community Care

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WellSky, a global post-acute and community care technology company, today announced its latest innovative approach to interoperability called WellSky IO. WellSky IO is a framework for interoperability that will provide clients with connections to local, regional, and national patient data exchanges, so providers can deliver even smarter care and improve patient outcomes. WellSky IO is the interoperability infrastructure that powers WellSky’s enterprise solutions for advanced analytics, tracking of social determinants of health, and longitudinal care coordination in an integrated, patient-centered ecosystem.

“WellSky IO is the wiring that powers interconnected care across the continuum. At WellSky, we have the most comprehensive set of post-acute and community care software and service solutions, and that uniquely positions us to better connect historically siloed care settings,” said Bill Miller, CEO of WellSky. “We understand that interoperability needs to be so much more than just point-to-point interfaces, faxed documents, and scanned PDFs. True interoperability has the power to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives and improve the overall health and wellness of our population.”

With WellSky IO, post-acute and community providers can leverage real-time health data to make intelligent treatment decisions — which is especially important as people transition between different care settings. The new technology will allow care providers to leverage the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) data standard, GraphQL APIs, and direct secure messaging from the DirectTrust™ framework. WellSky IO technology also allows WellSky clients to participate in a nationwide electronic health information (EHI) exchange, under the ONC’s TEFCA (Trusted Exchange Framework Common Agreement).

“Every patient deserves intelligent, informed care. With WellSky IO, we’re making a coordinated effort to help providers deliver new levels of exceptional care,” said Amy Shellhart, senior vice president of product management at WellSky. “Our teams of expert product engineers are always developing new ways to improve the future of healthcare. As our latest innovation, WellSky IO is powerful technology built to create a healthier world.”

Beyond information exchange, WellSky IO also interprets shared data and presents that data the way it was received, maintaining its original context. This advanced functionality is critical because it gives providers a better, more complete view of each patient’s unique, individual care journey. WellSky IO’s ability to deliver a complete longitudinal coordinated view of each patient empowers the highest quality care.

As part of its long-term mission to deliver even more interoperable healthcare technology, WellSky is also an active member of the CommonWell Health Alliance. CommonWell is a nonprofit trade organization that provides a nationwide, vendor-neutral platform for interoperability that breaks down the technological and process barriers to effective health data exchange. As the healthcare industry continues to demand smarter, better solutions, WellSky is dedicated to collaborating with providers to help patients thrive by being proactive, responsive, and innovative.

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