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WellSky® Launches CareInsights™ for Personal Care to Equip Agencies with Predictive Analytics Technology to Deliver Smarter Care

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WellSky, a global health and community care technology company, today announced the launch of its newest predictive analytics solution, CareInsights for Personal Care. The personal care industry’s first purpose-built predictive analytics solution, the CareInsights functionality analyzes personal care and other clinical data to present providers a comprehensive view of key factors relating to an individual’s risk for hospitalization.

As the industry transitions from fee-for-service payment models to value-based care, and as personal care emerges more frequently as a benefit in Medicare Advantage plans, data analytics are becoming increasingly important for providers. By integrating CareInsights data analytics into the decision-making process, providers have essential tools they need to enhance the client and family experience, improve overall population health, reduce costs, and forge strategic relationships with payers and referral sources.

“As we look to the future, with CareInsights data analytics, we can begin to identify those who are most at risk, prioritize our care management efforts, and ultimately prevent avoidable hospitalizations and readmissions,” said Ali Dean, Chief Care Officer of New Horizons. “Medicare Advantage plans, hospital systems, and large provider groups are beginning to recognize the value of personal care in value-based models of care. CareInsights helps us quantify this impact and demonstrate to these audiences the efficacy of in-home care as a cost-effective solution for reducing hospitalizations and lowering overall healthcare costs.”

By delivering data-driven intelligence to care teams within their familiar workflows, CareInsights data analytics equips staff with a view of client risk factors directly within WellSky’s ClearCare software. The platform supplies personal care providers with actionable and insightful data to deliver predictive care, while also supporting improved agency performance.

“We built CareInsights because we know personal care providers need meaningful, useful data to deliver care that considers each client’s unique status and risk levels,” said Wes Little, Chief Analytics Officer for WellSky. “CareInsights delivers vital population- and client-level data-driven intelligence to agency administrators, so they can make informed, individualized care decisions to improve client experience and outcomes.”

Powered by machine-learning algorithms based on information from 250,000+ clients, WellSky CareInsights for Personal Care transforms more than 70 million client interactions from WellSky’s ClearCare client data into an intelligent care management and decision-making support solution.

CareInsights is available now to personal care providers via WellSky’s ClearCare solution. ClearCare clients can sign up through June 30, 2021 to receive a complimentary 90-day trial of WellSky CareInsights for Personal Care technology.

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