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Wellview Health Announces Integrated Technology Platform to Support Industry-Leading Health Engagement

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As the industry’s leading health engagement company advancing simplified access to healthcare, Wellview Health announces Wellview Tech Connect, a proprietary integrated health engagement platform. Wellview Tech Connect integrates multiple data points for supporting consumer, provider, and employer health management that’s actionable, according to James Story, Wellview Health CEO and Co-Founder.

“Our health engagement success is based on trusted human relationships with Wellview Health Advisors and Care Team. Wellview Tech Connect leverages innovative technology to support our mission to simplify healthcare by inspiring people and impacting lives. Continued technology advancements will enable us to grow our impact on health engagement for companies across the U.S.,” says Story.

Wellview Tech Connect is a robust technology platform that enables a simplified, seamless, and enjoyable participant-driven engagement experience, while integrating key data for successful employer population health management. The proprietary platform collects and integrates data points of thousands of consumer lives, along with proprietary consumer profiling algorithms, to simplify and personalize participant-driven health engagement.

“We built Wellview Tech Connect to ‘connect the dots’ of data and information that impact health engagement, outcomes, and costs. While the technology is sophisticated and constantly evolving, the end result is a simplified and enjoyable experience for participants, employers, and partners — changing the way people engage with healthcare,” says Shane Edwards, Wellview Health Chief Information Officer.

Custom-built based on consumer, employer, and health provider needs, the Wellview Tech Connect platform features:

  • Fully integrated mobile-friendly participant, provider, and employer portals meeting the strictest of HIPAA and privacy protection laws.
  • Storage, assimilation, and sharing of relevant participant health data including Wellview Consumer Connect (health risk profiling, psychographic profiling, readiness-to-change), clinical biometrics, goals and action steps, provider consults, and multidisciplinary care navigation.
  • Proprietary custom-developed consumer health risk assessment algorithms (based on U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) guidelines).
  • Consumer psychographic profiling algorithm developed by Procter & Gamble for enhanced health communication and engagement.
  • Health Advisor led, participant-driven vision planning, goals, and action steps based on Wellview Consumer Connect profiling.
  • Wireless health tracking device integration across multiple platforms and devices and shared on participant and provider portals and aggregated for employer reporting.
  • Simplified access and communication with a personal Wellview Care Team including appointment scheduling and messaging directly through platform.
  • Rule-based system to assign personalized outreach touchpoints and engagement action items to providers based on participant data.
  • Dynamic health education, an engagement timeline, and two-way chat messaging with providers.
  • Simplified navigation to additional health benefits, resources, and specialists.
  • Aggregate population health metrics for employer reporting and dashboard.

As experts in healthcare engagement, Wellview Health works alongside mid- to large-sized employers to improve employee utilization of health and well-being benefits. Wellview Tech Connect is part of Wellview’s full suite of proprietary products that increase consumer engagement, impact healthier outcomes, and lower healthcare costs by changing the way people engage with healthcare and health benefits.

Wellview’s predictive and preventative high-tech high-touch model creates up to 91% employee engagement, 99% consumer satisfaction, and 20.2% differential in employer claims trend. Using a multidisciplinary health approach, Wellview integrates personal health education, clinical provider services, behavioral health support and advocacy, and simplified access to healthcare.

Wellview Health continues to focus on strategic expansion in 2019 and 200% growth in 2020. To learn more about Wellview Health, please visit us at, LinkedIn, or Twitter.