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Westcliff University Announces Launch of New Degree Programs in STEM-related Fields

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The College of Business at Westcliff University is proud to announce the launch of new degree programs in the STEM-related fields of Information Technology and Computer Science. The college’s venture into these STEM-related fields addresses the need of business leaders to optimize their understanding and use of technology in achieving organizational goals. These programs were designed to produce graduates capable of bridging gaps between operations and technology, and maintaining a competitive advantage over organizations that are siloed in each area.

The Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Information Technology programs at Westcliff University are rich in technical and management knowledge vital to successful leadership and operations in modern businesses. The curriculum was developed in partnership with experienced industry professionals to address gaps in today’s workforce proficiencies and prepare the next generation of IT professionals for the challenges of tomorrow. Students master the skills needed to develop, implement and manage strategies in information technology, and help assure the security of assets and infrastructure. Graduates prepare for leadership roles by solving complex problems related to contemporary industry issues.

The Master of Science in Computer Science at Westcliff University prepares students to effectively implement computerization processes across several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. To prepare for management-level work in these industries, students apply principles of design, innovation, and critical and algorithmic thinking to create software solutions. Today’s generation of students must develop relevant and versatile skills for the information age, and this program was designed to prepare future leaders in computer science to augment the ranks of well-educated professionals.

For prospective students with an interest in these fields, Dr. George Sayegh, Dean of the College of Business at Westcliff University, shares this: “Your educational experience will be robust and applicable to the real-business world, enabling you to become an architect of the 21st-century digital landscape.”

Westcliff University’s hallmark classroom model integrates live in-class collaborations and independent project-based learning to promote both cooperative processes and self-driven initiative. Westcliff’s diverse student body, with representation from over 80 countries, provides a culturally rich learning environment for global networking and cross-cultural collaboration. Westcliff’s affordable tuition rates and dedicated, highly credentialed faculty reflect the values of the university.

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