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Westhill Is a Proud, Level-1 Sponsor for the Property Insurance & Restoration Conference (PIRC)

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Westhill is excited to partner with the PIRC as a Level 1 sponsor, supporting the conference’s vision and goals. The PIRC is a custom-tailored conference for the restoration industry, designed to be highly interactive and discussion-based forum for attendees. The majority of conferences in this space are learning-type environments, whereas PIRC is organized to have topic-led discussions between all industry segments that inspires issue identification and actionable solutions where possible.

In today’s market, the brunt of the insurance restoration process falls on the restoration contractor. To positively impact the customer experience for the policyholder, improvements must be made by all parties that participate in processing the insurance claim. Forging this supportive partnership and working with PIRC will allow Westhill to fundamentally improve the contractor experience – and restoration industry at-large – at an event designed for exactly this.

By supporting PIRC as a Level 1 sponsor, Westhill continues to demonstrate our commitment to truly transforming the claim experience. PIRC provides a forum where property insurance and restoration industry stakeholders come together for collaboration and transparency, both core values of Westhill. By sharing similar visions, values and goals, it’s a perfect alliance for Westhill to build on moving forward.

“PIRC is only able to do this valuable work through support from our sponsors, like Westhill,” commented moderator Jordan Hendler. “They’re a major part of a growing group of companies who see the importance of segment collaboration for meaningful and positive change in the restoration industry. This can be in the way of topic-led discussions for issues transparency, suggested best practices, standards creation, and more. PIRC is leading several initiatives that have support of all segments, and our sponsors help fund these efforts to success! We just cannot thank them enough.”

Westhill looks forward to attending the conference on October 29th & 30th in Chicago, Illinois. For more information on PIRC, please visit

About Westill

Westhill Inc. (Westhill) provides digital solutions for the property & casualty (P&C) insurance industry, focused on delivering an exceptional claim experience. Westhill leverages smart technology to connect insurance carriers, contractors and policyholders, providing customer choice and removing inefficiencies from the claims process. Advocates in the power of connection, Westhill believe all successful experiences need a foundation grounded in transparency and shared value. These principles are woven throughout each facet of Westhill’s business model.

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About PIRC

PIRC is a forum where property insurance and restoration industry stakeholders come together for discussions, enhanced understanding, heightening transparency, finding common ground and communicating possible solutions and/or best practices to improve their industry. PIRC utilizes committees of volunteers to review and promote positive improvements to the industry at large. For more information about meetings, work products or committees of PIRC, please visit the website at