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What Are the Key Factors Influencing Growth in the US Manufacturing Sector? Infiniti’s Thought Leaders Examine Opportunities and Strategies for Recovery

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The US manufacturing sector is crucial to various other industries, and global advancements in technology, awareness, and demand are creating growth opportunities for manufacturers to leverage. However, to efficiently capitalize on the growth opportunities available, US manufacturing sector players must identify, assess, and strategize for them efficiently. How can manufacturers ensure growth in their organization? Infiniti’s market research and industry experts offer comprehensive solutions that enable manufacturers to identify the ideal growth opporutnities, develop data-driven strategies to capitalize on them, and ensure sustainable business operations and profits. To capitalize on the abundant opportunities for growth in the US manufacturing sector, and recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges in this market, request a free proposal.

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Key Factors Influencing Growth in the US Manufacturing Sector (Graphic: Business Wire)

Key Factors Influencing Growth in the US Manufacturing Sector (Graphic: Business Wire)

The US manufacturing sector has witnessed a steady decline over recent years. Recently, the advent of COVID-19 has added to the pressure on all industries, particularly the manufacturing industry. However, the rising demand and growth in the industry due to technological advancements and exploring growth opportunities across the value chain are expected to influence recovery in the US manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector highly impacts the economy, and recovery of this sector is crucial to the country’s growth. In their recent article, Infiniti’s industry experts examine the key factors that will fuel growth in the US manufacturing sector.

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“The erosion of the US manufacturing sector over the past couple of years have been a big blow on the growth of the US economy. Small and midsize manufacturing companies are the most affected. In contrast, large companies in the US manufacturing sector have managed to thrive despite the growing headwinds,” says a manufacturing industry expert at Infiniti Research.

Infiniti’s experts examined the following three key factors influencing growth and recovery in the US manufacturing sector and discuss how manufacturers can leverage growth opportunities:

  • The increasing demand for high quality and variety, and growing demand across the domestic and international markets, is leading to growth in the manufacturing sector.
  • Innovative technologies and the rise of industry 4.0, driven by the increasing amount of data available, help manufacturers carry out cost-efficient and smart plants.
  • Technology and the internet of things ensure safety and change costs for manufacturers, allowing them to rethink business models and improve workflow.
  • Gain in-depth insights into the factors influencing growth in the US manufacturing sector and efficiently leverage all growth opportunities by reading the complete article here.

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