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Wheels Builds Award-Winning Fleet Management Apps With OutSystems

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announced that its customer, Wheels Inc., has won two gold Stevie Awards
for excellence in customer service for apps it built with the OutSystems
low-code platform. Its FleetView Mobile app was awarded a gold Stevie in
Mobile On-Demand Application. Its second gold Stevie was awarded to its
connected vehicle program in the category of IoT Analytics solution.

Wheels helps customers across industries manage their fleets, providing
technology solutions that facilitate communication with drivers, improve
organizational performance, and promote vehicle safety. Wheels
worked with OutSystems
to jumpstart its low-code development process
and deliver a series of apps, including a mobile version of its
FleetView client portal and a telematics order processing system. In
just 13 weeks, Wheels built the mobile application, doubled the speed of
its app development processes, and integrated new capabilities into its
core client-facing portal, creating a seamless, end-to-end user

“The flexibility of the OutSystems platform has helped us become more
agile and do a better job of responding to clients,” said Tim O’Hara,
chief information officer at Wheels. “It gives us control over the user
experience so clients can seamlessly navigate between applications built
with different underlying technologies.”

Wheels has also worked with OutSystems to build a Vehicle Inventory
Management (VIM) application for the FleetView portal. It helped in
supporting greater workflow efficiencies, guided decision making, SLA
tracking, and higher quality; a Telematics Order Processing System that
digitizes the manual process of ordering and tracking data-producing
plug-in devices for vehicles.

“The recent multiple wins for Wheels at the Stevie Awards show how much
value companies can generate when they combine a crystal clear vision
and market-tested technology with the strength and versatility of a
low-code platform like OutSystems,” said Carlos Alves, chief customer
officer at OutSystems.

The reason the Wheels FleetView Mobile app won was because of its
biometric login, push notifications, driver/vehicle information,
approvals, alerts and local storage that gives fleet managers the
information they need and the ability to take action while on the go.
The connected vehicle program won for using IoT data to gain insights
that can be used to improve vehicle safety, vehicle efficiency and
driver productivity.

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