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Why Businesses Are Turning to Logistics Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency | A New Article by Quantzig

Benefits of logistics analytics (Graphic: Business Wire) 0
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Benefits of logistics analytics (Graphic: Business Wire)

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that offers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their new article on the benefits of logistics analytics. The rapid increase in competition to deliver the ever-growing volume of products bought online is leading to the growth of the logistics industry. The rise in the volume of supply chain and logistics data sets have paved the way for new opportunities to boost efficiency and customer experiences. Therefore, it is high time for logistics companies to consider investing in logistics analytics to integrate and streamline their business operations and expand their market share. Logistics analytics can help organizations to derive insights from the plethora of data available to them including inventory and route plan.

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Benefits of logistics analytics (Graphic: Business Wire)

Benefits of logistics analytics (Graphic: Business Wire)

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Benefits of Logistics Analytics

Improves fleet management

Transportation companies generate a plethora of data from several sensors and operational systems, but until recently, these data sources were not connected. The challenge for logistics companies today is to figure out how this data can be used effectively to devise route maps, manage transportation networks, improve operations, and reduce costs.

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Route planning and optimization

Companies in the logistics industry can integrate data from vehicles, scanners, sensors, personnel, and live weather and traffic reports using logistics analytics. Also, companies can discover and act on insights to optimize delivery routes in real-time. Furthermore, such insights can help in improving route planning, rerouting, and supply chain optimization and enhancing the customer experience.

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