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Why Customer Experience Analytics Really Matters for Telecom Service Providers | Quantzig’s Latest Success Story Offers In-Depth Insights

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, has announced the completion of their latest customer experience analytics engagement for a telecom service provider. This success story analyzes the factors that enabled the client to enhance their visibility to the complete customer journey, encompassing all touchpoints.

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The magnitude of challenges telecom service providers are facing today have increased as the use of multiple communication channels has become a standard business practice. Owing to the proliferation of technology, customers today are accustomed to switching between channels and expect a personal and consistent level of service throughout their journey. Customers can use human touchpoints, such as kiosks, online customer support services, or use self-service touchpoints such as interactive voice response (IVR), and applications. This expectation requires your organization to adopt a more holistic, customer-centric approach to meet their demands and streamline business processes.

The Business Challenge

Telecom service providers are facing challenges such as low customer satisfaction levels and high attrition rates. The client, a leading telecom service provider, faced challenges that spanned three core areas including:

  • Inability to understand the comprehensive multichannel journey of customers
  • Lack of customer experience tracking mechanism
  • Inability to improve the customer engagement process across multiple touchpoints

“Customer experience analytics can help companies to visualize customer journeys and connect the dots to easily identify recurring patterns, business trends, and challenges,” says a customer analytics expert from Quantzig.

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The Solution Offered & Value Delivered

The telecom service provider collaborated with Quantzig to leverage its expertise in offering customer experience analytics solutions to understand the comprehensive multichannel journey of its customers. Our customer experience analytics experts adopted a holistic approach that helped the client to proactively address customer concerns and reduce customer churn by analyzing customer journeys and identifying reasons for customer churn.

Quantzig’s customer experience analytics engagement empowered the client to:

  • Understand customers through real-time analytics
  • Increase average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Enhance customer service and manage customer expectations

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Quantzig’s customer experience analytics engagement offered predictive insights on:

  • Eliminating obstacles in the customer’s journey
  • Tracking the effectiveness of marketing initiatives

Customer experience analytics can help to quantify customer experiences and identify potential problem areas. Learn more about the benefits of customer experience analytics.

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