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Why End to End Supply Chain Visibility Matters in the New Normal | Quantzig’s Retail Analytics Experts Explain

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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its recent article that offers comprehensive insights into the factors impacting supply chain visibility in retail.

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Top four challenges that are driven by the lack of end to end supply chain visibility in retail. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Top four challenges that are driven by the lack of end to end supply chain visibility in retail. (Graphic: Business Wire)

As retail supply chains grow sophisticated, lead times and efficiency are becoming a major concern for retailers globally. In addition, the convergence of physical and digital platforms have made it practically possible to track and monitor supply chain processes in real-time. Notably, the technological advancements in today’s world have also made it possible for objects to communicate directly with minimal to zero human intervention. With so much embedded intelligence and new opportunities driven by technology, it’s crucial to note that supply chain visibility has now progressed from being a decision support tool to decision delegation and a core predictive capability.

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Key highlights:

  • Insights into the challenges driven by the lack of end to end supply chain visibility
  • An overview of the growing importance of supply chain visibility in retail

Post the crisis; retailers are poised to witness the emergence of a unique, smarter supply chain with three core characteristics- streamlined, interconnected, and intelligent. But the predominant omnichannel environment within retail will necessitate collaboration, optimization, and the management of end to end supply chain visibility. To tackle the challenges and maximize visibility, retail companies involved in the production, movement, and sale of physical goods must begin by organizing their increasingly complex global supply chains. While gaining real-time end to end supply chain visibility might not sound like an easy task, it is a necessary evil that plays an active role in helping retailers adapt to the evolving supply chain dynamics. Read the complete article here:

“Supply chains are increasingly becoming data-driven, and businesses that lack visibility into core supply chain functions fall behind when it comes to making informed business decisions,” says a supply chain analytics expert at Quantzig.

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Case in Point: How Quantzig helped a renowned medical device manufacturing company to curtail risks by improving supply chain visibility

Operating a complex network of global operations, a renowned medical device manufacturer realized that to remain competitive, it had to refocus its efforts on increasing the efficiency of supply chain operations. Also, concerns related to delayed shipments, inefficient processes, and inconsistent suppliers prompted the medical products manufacturer to reduce operational costs to improve responsiveness and product quality. The client approached Quantzig looking to leverage its expertise supply chain analytics to achieve better visibility and control over the supply chain and logistics operations across all locations.

To help the client tackle their challenges, Quantzig leveraged the best-in-class processes, cutting-edge tools, and deep domain expertise to design a three-pronged approach. This comprehensive approach helped them identify new opportunities and benchmark costs across each of the supply chain nodes, thereby transforming their supply chain into a world-class organization tailored for success.

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