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Why Telecom Industry Risk Assessment is the Need of the Hour for Providers | Infiniti’s Experts Discuss Market Risks and Solutions

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The telecom industry continues to grow at a slow pace, and the reasons for this slow-growth are the various challenges and risks that telecom companies continually encounter. Market risks such as governments’ demanding industrial policies and the rising Capex burden, accompanied by inadequate workforce planning, and a lack of efficiency in portfolio management. How do companies identify and mitigate risks? With Infiniti’s telecom industry risk assessment, companies can identify potential risks, and strategize to mitigate them in advance. For instance, taking a holistic approach to workforce design can help prioritize effective talent management and avoid organizational silos. To identify potential risks and develop strategies to overcome them efficiently, request a free proposal.

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Telecom Industry Risk Assessment Experts Identify Five Significant Risks (Graphic: Business Wire)

Telecom Industry Risk Assessment Experts Identify Five Significant Risks (Graphic: Business Wire)

Although the telecom industry has potential for growth due to the convergence with other industries, and various innovative technological transformations, it has significant roadblocks to overcome—for instance, the rising Capex burdens, changing regulations and policies, and changing market structures. Telecom industry players must now focus on customer-centric strategies, efficiency, and agility. Additionally, there are various potential risks within the industry; therefore, companies must rely on a telecom industry risk assessment to identify and strategically mitigate the risks within the industry. Infiniti’s telecom industry risk assessment experts have identified the most significant risks in the telecom industry.

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“The telecoms sector is currently at the heart of digital disruption and transformation. Given this current landscape, the key question that telecom industry companies need to address is whether they are embracing the right opportunities coming their way and focusing on the right risks that need to be overcome,” says a telecom industry risk assessment expert at Infiniti Research.

With the telecom industry risk assessment, Infiniti’s experts identified the following five significant risks for telecom companies:

  • Challenges in generating growth from digital services
  • Returns on Capex are uncertain due to advanced technologies being in early stages of development
  • While certain regulations are becoming more relaxed, governmental policies are increasingly demanding
  • Lack of focus on talent management and workforce design is causing organizational silos
  • M&A agreement synergies are difficult to achieve due to inadequate planning and management

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