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Willow Launches Proprietary Automated Solution to Accelerate and Scale Pay-in-Four Bill Financing

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Willow, the fast-growing fintech that allows consumers to pay their bills on time with a simple pay-in-four plan, today introduced its proprietary and automated solution specifically designed for non-discretionary spending. Since launching in April, Willow has quickly gained consumer adoption for its inclusive offering, growing its user base to more than 20,000 beta customers.

Consumers upload a bill, which is then paid by Willow. The user subsequently pays Willow back in four weekly installments plus a $4 fee – split across installments – per $100 bill payment.

Unlike the daily compounding interest from credit cards, Willow does not charge interest. Payments can be made for most non-discretionary bills, such as utilities, childcare and insurance. Rent, mortgage, and other debt payments are not currently eligible.

“It’s no secret that consumer finance in the U.S. is broken, with creditors encouraging consumers to spend beyond their means – this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said Willow’s Co-Founder & CEO Bay Hudner. “We knew there was a better way. Through Willow, we’ve deployed a simple and transparent solution that helps consumers plan ahead, stay current on their bills and improve their credit score. We’re here to make sure that no American has a late-fee ever again!”

“The overwhelming positive response from consumers has been eye-opening. It is clear Willow is well positioned to ensure that hard-working individuals and families never feel the strain or stress of when bills are due each month,” adds Co-Founder & COO Braden Golub. “Our momentum reflects the incredible opportunity as the only non-discretionary lending platform to cultivate and reward responsible consumer payment behavior.”

Willow is backed by experienced and accomplished fintech entrepreneurs, supporting the company through investment and advisory. The company has raised $500,000 to date.


Willow is committed to being a bridge to financial freedom. Its industry-leading platform is the country’s only pay-in-four solution for non-discretionary spending. Willow’s mission is to solve the arbitrary misalignment between payday and bills-due day. Co-founded in April 2021 by serial entrepreneurs Bay Hudner, CEO; Braden Golub, COO; and Jaan Apajalahti, CTO, Willow offers flexible payment plans with zero interest and no hidden fees. To learn more please visit