Press release Launches Online Estate Planning Platform

Sponsored by Businesswire today announced the launch of its online estate planning platform dedicated to providing secure, affordable, fast, and easy-to-complete wills. provides peace of mind that final wishes are honored, and survivors’ interests and important estate planning documents are secure and protected.

Creating an online will and digital estate plan is a simple process that U.S. residents can complete online from any device in a single sitting or in their own time. Users can return to their dashboard to continue their edits or make amendments to existing documents. In addition, new laws are allowing some states to authorize notaries to conduct remote notarizations and will enable users to sign and notarize their documents electronically as these laws unfold across the U.S, dramatically reducing the time it takes to make a legal will.

More than half of the U.S. population do not have a valid estate plan, according to’s 2021 wills and estate planning study. This can be because they don’t like to think about their own mortality, feel they don’t have the financial resources or believe that they don’t own assets worthy of proper planning and thus do not pursue creating a will.

“When my dad passed away he did not leave us a will or instructions of any kind. The complications due to this proved to be a tremendously emotional and financial rollercoaster for our family for many years,” said Vincent Hoonings, CEO and founder. “I learned the importance of proper planning through my experience. Everyone deserves the right to reliable and affordable planning resources, including folks with new families, retirees, and first responders, to name just a few. By making it easy to create a will, we aim to eliminate additional family suffering after a loved one passes.”

About is an online estate planning platform dedicated to providing secure, affordable, fast, and easy-to-create wills for U.S. residents. took the complicated, antiquated process of estate planning and simplified it to guarantee anyone can write their will while ensuring its legality across all U.S. states. For more information go to, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.