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Winning Pharma Companies Encourage a Culture of ‘Compliant Collaboration’ Between Commerical and Medical Affairs Teams

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Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences solutions, published its newest TGaS report entitled, Commercial/Medical Partnership Landscape: Driving Improvements in Communications, Coordination and Effectiveness. The report finds that pharmaceutical companies that encourage a culture of ‘compliant collaboration’ between Commercial and Medical Affairs teams ensures strong alignment that is critical to a product’s success.

“Often times within pharma, the Commercial and Medical Affairs teams are truly a tale of two cultures – each with their own specific backgrounds and agendas. Companies with strong Commercial/Medical Affairs relationships have an underlying philosophy to work with a ‘compliant collaboration’ mindset,” said Chris Welsh, Vice President, TGaS Advisors, a Division of Trinity. “This philosophy should begin at the C-suite level and permeate throughout the organization.”

While 53 percent of Medical Affairs leaders report they have an overall strong to very strong working relationship with Commercial leaders, only 39 percent of Commercial leaders report a strong to very strong relationship with Medical Affairs teams. Besides the key findings that the survey uncovers, the report also offers insights and actions pharma companies should take to strengthen the relationships between their Commercial and Medical Affairs teams.

The Landscape report is based on the responses of 20 Commercial leaders and 15 Medical Affairs leaders representing 32 separate biopharmaceutical companies. Members of the media can request a copy of the report by contacting Elizabeth Marshall at

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