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Wireless Barcode Scanner Manufacturer Partners With Quantzig to Optimize Marketing Campaigns Using Marketing Analytics

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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its marketing analytics engagement.

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“Tracking your marketing metrics is a necessary first step, but metrics don’t speak to the corner office without analytics to interpret them.” says a marketing analytics expert at Quantzig.

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Quantzig is well-known for helping leading companies with its holistic marketing analytics capabilities. Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions help businesses to identify irrelevant marketing platforms, generate more qualified leads, and improve sales efficiency. To improve marketing efforts and enhance MROI, this leading barcode r manufacturer approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in marketing analytics. Read the complete article for comprehensive insights:

Marketing Analytics Engagement Summary

The client- a barcode scanner manufacturer was facing predicaments with understanding their potential segment of customers. They wanted to devise marketing strategies for every customer segment while gaining relevant and actionable insights into the customer preferences.

On collaborating with Quantzig, the client was able to monitor trends in real-time and forecast the upcoming sales. By leveraging advanced marketing analytics, the barcode scanner manufacturer was able to enhance sales force effectiveness and forecast future sales results.

Leveraging marketing analytics can help you to gain actionable insights into customer preferences. Speak to our experts to learn more about our analytics capabilities.

Value Delivered

  • Devised effective strategies
  • Improved the distribution and sales of the products
  • Devised customer segments and profiles based on preferences and demographics

We offer cutting-edge marketing analytics solutions to help organizations improve commercial success using real-world insights. By leveraging our marketing analytics solutions, organizations can improve their interactive data visualization capabilities and identify patterns in data sets. It also helps in creating customized dashboards to suit business needs. Book a FREE Demo to learn more about our advanced analytics platforms and marketing analytics capabilities.

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