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Wireless Innovation Forum Announces Approval of New 6 GHz Multi-stakeholder Committee

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The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) today announced approval of the charter for a new committee focused on the study of sharing arrangements in spectrum designated for unlicensed operation within the 6 GHz band (5925-7125 MHz). The committee will provide technical input to inform the FCC’s 6 GHz rulemaking and will facilitate the interpretation and implementation of the rulemaking that allows industry and regulators to collaborate on implementation of a common, efficient and well-functioning 6 GHz ecosystem. The Committee will be led by chair Mark Gibson of CommScope (COMM: NASDQ).

“The 6 GHz band presents exciting new opportunities for deployment of unlicensed devices. The current proposals by the FCC and unlicensed proponents have considerable merit and should be fully studied with collaboration from all stakeholders. The WInnForum has a proven 23-year track record of providing a clear multi-stakeholder collaboration framework, and we look forward to working with all proponents of the 6 GHz band to make unlicensed shared use a reality,” said Gibson.

Initial activities to be conducted by the Committee include:

  • Defining:

    • Interference Protection Criteria
    • Propagation Modeling
    • Spectrum Occupancy Determination
  • Developing a Security Threat Assessment
  • Identifying AFC Requirements for Incumbent Protection

The approach to the committee’s work will emphasize the technical aspects of sharing to advance innovative and competitive sharing approaches and to increase deployment speed of AFC systems.

The initial meeting of the group will occur 4 September 2019, 11am ET. Participation in this new committee is open to representatives of all Member Organizations, and trial memberships are available for those organizations that wish to explore participation in advance of joining as full members. Non-member observers and subject matter experts may also be invited to participate at the director of the Committee Steering Group. To learn more about membership options or to apply for membership in the group, please visit:

For more detailed information on projects and deliverables, the group’s recently approved charter can be found here:

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