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With Significant New Wins and 100% Approval Ratings, Brandsight Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

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Brandsight, a provider of next-generation corporate domain management
solutions, today announced their two-year anniversary. Over the last two
years, the company has experienced strong growth and has achieved 100%
approval ratings.

According to Phil Lodico, Brandsight CEO, “When we set out, we knew that
we could provide a better experience by streamlining processes and
providing access to data that companies had previously been gathering
manually. But now we truly know that there is a desire by many companies
to make a change. Being able to add so many clients to our roster over
the last two years has not only been extremely gratifying, but it has
also strengthened our resolve to reimagine corporate domain name

The Brandsight platform provides corporate domain name professionals
with a modern, easy-to-use solution for both managing and monitoring
corporate domain name portfolios. The platform provides unprecedented
access to domain name and website data, enabling users to make
data-driven decisions about how to best secure, right-size, and optimize
domain name assets.

Lodico added, “While we are very proud of what we have built, and the
market response has been overwhelmingly positive, we know that we cannot
stop here. We must continue to innovate and provide the highest levels
of service so that we are delivering solutions that exceed the
expectations of our clients.”

About Brandsight

Leveraging today’s technology to deliver secure, intuitive and powerful
domain management solutions, Brandsight is a completely reimagined
corporate domain name registrar. Led by true industry experts who
understand the complexities of managing corporate domain name
portfolios, Brandsight is exclusively focused on corporate domain name
management, and is developing a suite of solutions designed to
revolutionize the way corporate domain name portfolios are managed.

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