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WorkFusion Named No. 1 for Intelligence and Overall Innovation in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by HFS Research

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WorkFusion, a top provider of Intelligent Automation software, has just been recognized by HFS Research in its new “HFS Top Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software Products 2020” report.

WorkFusion was named the top vendor in both the “Overall innovation” and “Innovation and embedded intelligence” categories and was ranked fourth in the overall evaluation of RPA software vendors. The company also received high rankings for scalability and flexibility of its offerings, with the report noting strong customer appreciation for its integrated cognitive capabilities that enable complete automation of processes — not just tasks. WorkFusion was also recognized as the first automation product to natively integrate RPA with machine learning to address unstructured data challenges.

“We’re honored to be ranked first in innovation and embedded intelligence by HFS Research. We believe this recognition speaks to our ability to provide an intuitive, user-friendly platform that enables customers to solve problems, improve decision-making and drive business transformation,” said Alex Lyashok, CEO, WorkFusion. “WorkFusion’s goal is to consistently bring transformative innovation to serve the needs of the market, and we’re excited to continue our growth and expansion within the world’s fastest-growing software segment by bringing the power of AI and automation to business users.”

HFS Research developed its report by analyzing, conducting reference checks and ranking a variety of business process and automation providers. The evaluation was based on a combination of data collected from vendors, customers and public resources regarding the vendors’ execution, innovation and customer experience. The results yielded 311 product ratings across more than 30 customer experience dimensions.

According to Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President — Research for HFS Research, “WorkFusion secured the No. 1 slot overall for innovation powered by a strong product roadmap, native integration of machine learning with RPA, and a proven ability to help its clients drive business outcomes.” Further, HFS Research says, “WorkFusion is one of the best productized examples of the exponential power of HFS’ Triple-A Trifecta model — harnessing the power of ‘and’ by combining automation, analytics, and AI.”

According to WorkFusion’s proprietary research, more than 50 percent of process data shifts each week, indicating that AI-driven Intelligent Automation will become increasingly crucial in dealing with the rise in data volume and variability, and supporting business transformation and growth. To make transformation efforts even simpler, WorkFusion’s integrated Intelligent Automation Cloud solutions include a wide array of ExpertBots™, pre-built to automate complex functions, with a special focus on anti–money laundering (AML) efforts in banking. This combination of business-friendly AI, fully integrated capabilities and analytics positions WorkFusion and its customers at the leading edge of automation.

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