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World’s First USB PD E-Marker Transmission Line Control IC, EJ903, Now Certified by USB-IF for USB4™ and Intel for Thunderbolt™4

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SEMICON – eEver Technology, Inc. and Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) jointly announce that their new USB Type-C® E-Marker controller IC, EJ903, has been certified by USB-IF for USB4TM Cables and Intel for ThunderboltTM4 Cables. This positions eEver and Etron Tech as the world’s first supplier of USB-IF certified USB4TM & Intel certified ThunderboltTM4 E-Marker ICs, advancing next-generation, top-performing electrical cables to the market.

“eEver and Etron Tech are pleased to be the first in the world to achieve USB4™ certification by the USB-IF and Thunderbolt™4 certification by Intel. Customers that are using EJ903 E-Marker have successfully passed Intel certification to obtain Lightning signs marked on the Thunderbolt cable,” said Dr. Nicky Lu, Etron and eEver Chairman & CEO. “With the certified E-Marker Controller IC, EJ903, system manufacturers can quickly develop and commercialize USB4TM and ThunderboltTM4 cables. This ensures USB4™ and/or Thunderbolt™ 4 cable characteristics are quickly identifiable by the host, which benefits the electronic industry as a whole.”

“USB Type-C will help simplify the lives of consumers by providing a single-cable for data rates up to 40Gbps with USB4™ and up to 100W of power via USB Power Delivery (USB PD),” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB-IF President & COO. “USB-IF member companies like Etron that develop USB PD E-Markers for cable products are vital to enabling a truly single cable solution.”

EJ903 is now certified by USB-IF. It supports USB-C® cables for dual-channel transmission and data rates of up to 40Gbps (Gigabits per second, or 1 billion bits per second). Moreover, EJ903 supports USB PD 3.0. It reports the length of the transmission line, the I/O interface at both ends of the transmission, the current and transmission data rate capabilities of a cable, thus supporting the desired performance for customers and end-users.

The USB cable facilitates the transmission of 4K HDR signals and massive file transfers, thus making significant progress in practicality and performance of USB hubs and USB-equipped computers, laptops, motherboards, etc.

The convergence of the underlying Thunderbolt and USB protocols in USB4™ will increase compatibility with more advantages: Facilitate power negotiations up to 100W via USB PD 3.0, data rates up to 40Gbps from USB4™ , and the ability to connect two 4K HDR displays or one 8K display. USB-IF announced the release of the USB4™ specification in September 2019. Both eEver and Etron have seized the opportunity to use the E-Marker IC EJ903 to support USB4™ accordingly. Now, as the first supplier with USB4™ certification by USB-IF and Thunderbolt™4 certification by Intel, eEver and Etron are well-positioned to help customers maximize value from this exciting new opportunity. The companies welcome system manufacturers to jointly develop USB4™ cables.

Both eEver and Etron will display complete USB4TM & Thunderbolt™4 cable solutions and USB Audio/Video Capture IC Solutions at the Heterogeneous Integration Innovation Zone, SEMICON Taiwan 2020. We sincerely invite you to visit the booth at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall 1, 1F, #I3016, during the SEMICON Taiwan 2020 exhibition from September 23rd to 25th, 2020.

About eEver Technology, Inc

eEver Technology is a globally leading USB Type-C solution design and product company, specializing in high speed transfer interface, power delivery, audio/video streaming as core technologies and high-performance USB-Type-C Power Delivery as solutions. Its world-class track record of helping its clients succeed and develop USB Type-C system products enables systems providers to capitalize on this emerging and fast-growing market.

About Etron Technology, Inc

Etron Technology (TPEx: 5351.TW) is a world-class fabless IC design house and Heterogeneous-Integration (HI) technology design company, which ships products ranging from Consumer Electronics DRAM (CEDRAM), Known-Good-Die Memory (KGDM), RPC®(Reduced-Pin-Count) DRAM, USB3.1 Gen2 Type-C high speed switch/mux controller with Power Delivery, and 3D Depthmap and Stereoscopic Vision Sensing, Spherical Image-Processing ICs and Subsystems.

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