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Xamin Transforms Wayne Bank’s Wide Area Network (WAN) Infrastructure

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Xamin, a leading provider of managed IT services for highly regulated and reputation-sensitive companies, announced today Honesdale, Pa.-based Wayne Bank has successfully implemented its xWAN (DMVPN) solution, which enabled the bank to use different network providers for each of its community offices. This partnership allowed Wayne Bank to modernize and broaden its network infrastructure and expand connectivity.

Serving communities across New York and Pennsylvania, with a majority of its offices located in areas with limited bandwidth and internet service options, Wayne Bank was experiencing frequent timeouts, internet outages, service downtime and limitations to its network infrastructure – leading to employee frustration and customer service challenges. The bank looked for a vendor that could meet its extensive requirements, including technical prioritization, success rates, ability to adhere to the bank’s security solutions, telecom expertise, service environment and project management processes.

With a strong background in financial services, the bank selected Xamin through its existing Fiserv partnership to implement its dynamic multipoint VPN solution, which allowed the bank to work with the telecom company that delivered the best network connection for each of its locations – helping its employees provide the best service to Wayne Bank’s customers.

“In upgrading our network infrastructure, we were looking for a mixed-network solution that would allow each of our community offices to get the best telecom services, regardless of their location, all while still supporting a secure network and maintaining compliance,” said Eli Tomlinson, Senior Vice President of Information Security at Wayne Bank. “From detailed project management to easy implementation and deployment, Xamin partnered with our IT department to deliver a solution that solved our various connectivity challenges.”

“Xamin’s xWAN solution replaced not only the network infrastructure in offices where connectivity was not reliable, but also modernized the connection and bandwidth in offices where the connection was good, but the bandwidth was restricted,” Tomlinson continued.

Since switching to the xWAN solution, the bank has seen tremendous network expansion and continued growth. With the state-of-the-art xWAN solution, patch management updates are now seamless and possible without network interruptions. This is a process that formerly took several days and caused employee complaints due to network performance issues.

Additionally, since partnering with Xamin, Wayne Bank has been able to open two offices and move another office with ease. Historically, this process was difficult to execute and required a 180-day notice before opening a new service. However, with Xamin’s xWAN solution, this can now be done in as little as 60 days.

“As one of the premier financial institutions in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, we are thrilled to partner with Wayne Bank,” said Jonathan Smith, CEO of Xamin. “With the implementation of xWAN, we are able to solve the bank’s connectivity challenges while making the bank’s network more secure and scalable.”

To learn more, visit Xamin’s website to view this case study, which further elaborates on their partnership with Wayne Bank.

About Wayne Bank

Founded in 1871 in Honesdale, Pa., Wayne Bank (almost $1.2 billion in assets) serves as one of the premier financial institutions to communities in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. At the bank’s 27 community offices, employees pride themselves on knowing their customers on a first name basis and provide new customers with outstanding personal service.

Today, Wayne Bank has grown to almost $1.2 billion in assets and employs more than 200 employees across their community offices. The bank continues to grow and is in the process of acquisition, which will add five new offices and grow the bank to more than $1.8 billion in assets. Additionally, Norwood Financial Corp, a bank holding company, was created in 1996, with Wayne Bank as a subsidiary. Stock is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol NWFL.

About Xamin

Founded in 1999, Xamin offers industry leading managed IT services to financial institutions as well as other highly regulated and reputation-sensitive industries. The organization provides a suite of technology solutions including infrastructure, security, cloud, data protection and professional services. Xamin specializes in transforming IT to a revenue driving capability for an organization rather than a cost and compliance challenge. Its consultative, “white glove” approach ensures its services meet the needs of the customer and auditors. Xamin has committed annually to the examination and reporting of controls in a service organization under the SOC2 Type II certification. For more information, visit