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Xandr Creates Community

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Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising and analytics company, has announced
the formation of Community, a curated marketplace of publishers that
enables advertisers to reach their audiences at scale in a brand-safe,
privacy-protected, premium video environment. Community is built on
Xandr’s powerful technology and consumer insights, enabling buyers and
sellers to drive better business outcomes. This new marketplace is the
first-step towards the future convergence of linear TV and digital.

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Xandr Creates Community (Photo: Business Wire)

Xandr Creates Community (Photo: Business Wire)

Community simplifies and improves an advertiser’s ability to connect
with hard-to-reach audiences, regardless of how they engage with content
across traditional TV, connected TV, OTT, mobile, and online. Community
also offers controls to programmers and publishers to achieve better
yield on their premium multiplatform inventory.

“After only eight short months since the launch of Xandr, Community
delivers on our promise of a brand-safe, insight-driven, premium video
marketplace,” said Brian Lesser, CEO of Xandr. “Building on one of the
largest technology platforms in the industry and integrating Xandr’s
unique audience insights from AT&T, we created the foundation of
Community. Now, with the incredible inventory from our inaugural
Community partners, the marketplace is open.”

Community is a Multi-Screen Premium Video Marketplace

Increasingly, marketers are looking for simpler ways to connect with
audiences across digital, video, and television.

Xandr is committed to providing advertisers access to scaled,
brand-safe, premium content with unique insights across wireless,
broadband, and video. By aggregating inventory across publishers and
creating multi-seller deals, publishers can increase the value of their
inventory and improve monetization, while advertisers have the benefit
of better access to content and increased scale.

WarnerMedia (including Otter Media), Vice, Hearst Magazine, Newsy,
Philo, Tubi, and Xumo join as inaugural Community partners, adding more
than 15 premium content providers to the marketplace and reaching more
than 50 million active monthly users on streaming services. In addition
to WarnerMedia’s portfolio across CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, B/R Live, Warner
Bros., Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth and VRV, Community will also encompass
additional premium video content from other AT&T owned-and-operated
properties including DIRECTV NOW and AT&T WatchTV.

“Community’s vision aligns perfectly with our long-term strategy of
pairing our high-quality content with breakthrough insights to deliver
better ad experiences and drive results for advertisers,” said Donna
Speciale, president of WarnerMedia Ad Sales. “As a launch partner, we
are excited to be able to offer clients extended digital audience
opportunities through Community, and we look forward to working with
Xandr on enhanced addressable solutions with our live national linear
television inventory in the near future.”

Added Henry Embleton, head of ad products and strategy, Ellation (part
of Otter Media), “We rely on our programmatic partners to deliver the
best possible ad supported experience for our fans at Crunchyroll,
Rooster Teeth, and VRV, however, that information is not always accurate
or reliable. Xandr is going to be a programmatic game changer –
delivering deep, rich, dependable data from AT&T to enhance our user
experience, paired with an expansive reach to help us grow our bottom

“We’re pleased to be working through Community to pair the largest free
ad-supported movie and TV audience with unique addressable targeting
through AT&T data,” said Mark Rotblat, chief revenue officer, Tubi.

“At Philo, we want to offer the best experience for both our subscribers
and advertisers. By partnering with Xandr, we build upon our seamless
programmatic solutions that allow advertisers to reach their audiences
via the Philo platform,” said Reed Barker, Philo’s head of advertising.

Community is Cross-Screen Addressable

Increasingly, marketers are looking for ways to buy media across
multiple touchpoints to connect with hard-to-reach audiences as digital,
video, and TV converge. To better power advertising experiences across
screens for consumers, Xandr’s Cross-Screen Addressable solution is now
integrated within Community, allowing advertisers to combine the power
of addressable TV with the precision and scale of digital.

Xandr’s Cross-Screen Addressable solution enables advertisers to define
their audience and identify the households that match their desired
attributes. Then, through Community, advertisers can serve relevant
messages to that same audience across screens to amplify the impact of
their campaign.

Community is Accountable

Using Xandr’s data, based on AT&T’s first-party consumer insights,
Community will improve the efficacy and efficiency of media buying.

Community is layered with Xandr Audience Segments that are built from
AT&T’s 170 million direct-to-consumer relationships. Community’s
privacy-forward approach to attribution will enable advertisers to reach
their audiences based on intent, interest, and lifestyle attributes.

Similar to the insights advertisers can glean from a Cross-Screen
Addressable campaign, Xandr’s unique consumer analytics will help
marketers determine the effectiveness of their media buys, including the
impact on brand health and the ability to aid in frequency capping of a
given brand message. Using these powerful attribution tools, marketers
will have the ability to gain greater insights and become more effective
with each campaign they run within Community.

Community is Reaching Consumers Where They Are

Xandr recently released original, consumer-centric research, called the Relevance
. The report surveyed more than 3,000 people to learn how they
consume content and their advertising preferences.

Consumers are spending more time than ever engaging with content. The
report revealed 68% of consumers spend the majority of their free time
engaging with content, and 76% said content enriches and enhances their
lives, with 72% stating their day wouldn’t be complete without it.

Despite this engagement with content, consumers, especially younger
audiences, have become proficient at tuning out content and advertising
that they do not perceive as immediately relevant to them. About 57% of
respondents say they do not want to engage with ads because they are not
relevant to them and, most importantly, 66% wish advertisements were
more relevant to them and their lives.

Community is Making TV More Data-Driven

Xandr is the leader in advanced TV advertising*. Community builds on the
expertise of more than 3,000 addressable and advanced TV campaigns, and
will begin to incorporate robust TV management tools. Using its
technology and data analytics, Community will create more relevant
advertising opportunities and help optimize yield management of
inventory for live, playback, and VOD on traditional linear TV.

Community is Privacy-Protected

Xandr is committed to protecting data and privacy, while providing
valuable and relevant advertising to consumers. Responsible data usage
has been part of AT&T’s DNA for more than 143 years, always giving
customers the power of choice to opt in or out of relevant advertising.

About Xandr

Xandr is creating a better solution for advertisers and publishers to
find and reach specific audiences at scale in trusted, premium content
environments. As a current leader in advanced TV advertising with the
one of the best technology platforms, AppNexus, we help advertisers
deliver the right message, at the right time, on almost any device. We
are rooted in a tradition of responsible data usage. For more than 143
years, AT&T has used data and technology to inform and improve the
customer experience.

*Source: The Myers Report Survey on Media Company B2B Relationships,
Services and Value, Q1 2019.