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Xandr Enhances Addressable TV Offerings to Complement Upfront Strategies

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Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising and analytics company, has enhanced
its addressable TV solutions to include new reach and frequency
capabilities, expanded cross-screen addressability, and enabled broader
access to video on-demand inventory. The enhancements to Xandr’s
addressable TV capabilities provide the perfect complement to media
buyers who need better control over their TV buys during this Upfront

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Xandr Enhances Addressable TV Offerings to Complement Upfront Strategies (Photo: Business Wire)

Xandr Enhances Addressable TV Offerings to Complement Upfront Strategies (Photo: Business Wire)

“Xandr is the leader in advanced TV advertising* – not only as a trusted
partner to brands, but also as a provider for our powerful and precise
addressable TV offering that is creating a relevant advertising
experience for consumers,” said Rick Welday, president of Xandr Media.
“Since we launched addressable TV seven years ago, we’ve run thousands
of campaigns, and continue to see demand for addressable skyrocket as
advertisers demand better results and greater control over their TV buys
during this Upfront season.”

Engineering A Better Consumer Experience

Addressable TV advertising is no longer for niche brands communicating
their message to a specific audience. Xandr is using its advanced TV
technology to help marketers better execute demo-based buys by
controlling frequency and achieving incremental reach. This capability
also helps advertisers reach audiences like the “light TV viewer” who
watches traditional TV infrequently.

This new addressable TV offering limits the amount of times a particular
household sees a specific brand message and also helps determine which
households are light TV viewers who have not seen a specific
advertisement at all, creating the appropriate balance of advertising
frequency. This solution creates a better consumer experience within the
home and provides advanced analytics to the marketer about how people
are consuming content and advertising.

Enriching Cross-Screen Buying Power

Xandr’s Cross-Screen Addressable solution now leverages the power of
Community, Xandr’s new premium audience marketplace. Brands now have
more access to digital, CONNECTED TV, and OTT inventory, using Xandr’s
consumer insights and analytics to connect addressable TV households and
digital touchpoints in a privacy-compliant manner.

As a result, buyers can reach the same audience across the DIRECTV
Addressable footprint and the devices associated with those households.
At the same time, advertisers can improve the efficacy of their
cross-screen advertising campaigns while managing the frequency of a
particular brand message shown to those consumers.

Expanding VOD Access

People are consuming content differently, as more viewers binge watch
their favorite TV series or access content in playback mode. Xandr
enables advertisers to reach viewers whether they’re watching TV live or
on-the-go. Xandr is now expanding its pool of addressable inventory to
include set-top box VOD within a single, unified campaign, increasing
the amount of available impressions to an advertiser.

Xandr is also making improvements to its addressable technology and
capacity to support more campaigns and addressable audience segments. As
addressable TV scales, Xandr is making a commitment to continue
enhancing the technology that supports addressable advertising delivery
and ultimately, the end experience for consumers.

Leading Within Addressable TV Technology

Xandr continually ranks as a leader in The Myers Report Annual Survey
and recently placed number one again among the top 10 providers of
automated technology for advanced and addressable TV solutions for 2019.
Xandr also outperformed the industry in terms of “intention to increase
spend with a platform or publisher among industry decision-makers”.

Through this annual report, member companies gain exclusive insights
into marketer perceptions of investments being made by more than 80
leading media companies on programming, content, advanced TV, automation
software, advanced data and analytics, marketing support, and talent

About Xandr

Xandr is creating a better solution for advertisers and publishers to
find and reach specific audiences at scale in trusted, premium content
environments. As a current leader in advanced TV advertising with the
one of the best technology platforms, AppNexus, we help advertisers
deliver the right message, at the right time, on almost any device. We
are rooted in a tradition of responsible data usage. For more than 143
years, AT&T has used data and technology to inform and improve the
customer experience.

*Source: The Myers Report Survey on Media Company B2B Relationships,
Services and Value, Q1 2019.