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Xcenda Celebrates 25th Anniversary by Launching New Value & Market Access Solutions

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Xcenda, a strategic consulting firm and part of AmerisourceBergen,
continues to drive innovation by launching several new solutions
designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers differentiate their
products and reach more patients.

“For the last 25 years, Xcenda’s goal has been to transform evidence,
policy insights and market intelligence to help our clients tell their
best data-driven value story,” said Xcenda President Kristine Flemister.
“As the healthcare landscape evolves, we continue to seek out new ways
to address some of our industry’s most pressing challenges and support
our clients in demonstrating therapy value, maximizing patient access,
and increasing brand performance.”

Xcenda consistently seeks out innovative solutions to help stakeholders
make informed decisions that consider the clinical, economic, and
humanistic outcomes of a product. Xcenda’s newest offerings include:

  • MetaMap Pro: A first-of-its-kind digital tool that houses the
    totality of evidence extracted during a Systematic Literature Review
    (SLR), allowing global teams a greater ability to filter and
    analyze immense amounts of data for strategic planning. The new tool
    generates graphs, tables, and data visuals to easily incorporate into
    modeling and presentations. New studies can be added to the repository
    as available, creating an evergreen resource of trusted, comprehensive
  • Interactive Exposure Model: Simply put, this new predictive
    tool helps manufacturers map the financial needs of their patient
    assistance programs. The interactive nature of the platform means
    users can update and evaluate assumption changes and test multiple
    scenarios in real-time to accommodate present and future program needs.
  • VIP 2.0: Complementing Xcenda’s current facilitator-led
    offering – VIP (Value Identification Process), VIP 2.0 provides a
    digital platform to discuss, evaluate and rank go-to-market messages
    and relevant evidence to help develop value propositions and messages
    geared at payers for formulary decision-making. The tool enables a
    wider variety of stakeholders to input feedback and ideas digitally,
    alleviating the challenge of gathering all necessary personnel in the
    same room to decipher data and discuss strategy.
  • PracticeLand™ Interactive Training Tool: An
    award-winning digital learning experience – for both individual and
    group use – designed to immerse players in real-life reimbursement and
    access scenarios. By compliantly tackling a variety of patient access
    challenges and provider reimbursement obstacles, participants
    experience better retention and knowledge application in real-life

In addition to Xcenda’s 25th Anniversary, the company is also
celebrating 20 years of its Fellowship Program, the longest-running
consulting fellowship in the industry. Since its founding in 1999, 27
fellows have graduated from the program and nearly 75 percent of them
are still with the company today. The two-year program allows fellows to
explore different areas of interest and develop strong skill sets in a
specialized area of expertise including, but not limited to, economic
modeling, market research, value frameworks, outcomes analytics, and
medical communications.

Founded in 1994, Xcenda was established with the vision that the
healthcare conversation would ultimately shift to one focused on the
value of different medical and pharmaceutical products. As such, Xcenda
became a pioneer in generating credible and practical health economics
and outcomes research to help manufacturers prove the value of emerging
therapies, tell their best data-driven value story, and develop
strategies that adapt to the changing payer and reimbursement landscapes.

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