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XCHG Appoints Andy Bose As Head of Ecosystems and Data Partnerships

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Xpansiv CBL Holding Group (XCHG), the global marketplace for Intelligent Commodities™, today announced the addition of Andy Bose as Head of Ecosystems and Data Partnerships. Bose’s role will focus on identifying and building partnerships that help XCHG scale its business into new and existing markets.

Bose brings extensive experience developing market transparency using innovative technology and new sources of data. He joins XCHG after serving as Market Structure and Innovation Officer at S&P Global Platts, following executive P&L roles running market data and trading services in physical commodity markets. Andy previously held product innovation and operations roles at S&P Global’s Ratings and Market Intelligence divisions, after beginning his career in aerospace engineering.

“Andy Bose is a seasoned leader who brings commodity-pricing expertise to XCHG,” said CEO Joe Madden. “His knowledge and expertise forging vital partnerships and driving efficient data distribution will be indispensable as we plot our next growth phase.”

The XCHG marketplace is powered by Digital Feedstock™, a new data format that combines real-time production monitoring, standards, data science, cryptography, and distributed-ledger technologies to refine, characterize, and convert data into digital assets that can be transacted with no risk to counterparties.

“I have followed the rise of XCHG, and I’m impressed by the company’s commitment to bringing transparency to commodity markets,” Bose said. “With society’s increasing demand for reliable data, XCHG has the opportunity to transform markets with Digital Feedstock. I am thrilled to join this pioneering team.”

The addition of Bose comes at a time of rapid expansion for XCHG. In October, XCHG completed its first exchange transaction of an energy product valued according to methane emissions and water utilization.

About XCHG

Xpansiv CBL Holding Group (XCHG) is the world’s first commodity exchange built for a new asset class: data. We bring transparency to the market by recording real-world characteristics in an immutable profile, empowering informed decision-making and commodity differentiation. As a result, commodities can be valued based on vital information that was invisible—until now.