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XIFIN Announces COVID-19 Advocacy Efforts to Support Diagnostic Labs in Response to Pandemic

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The nature of public health outbreaks demands that health systems respond rapidly. Laboratory medicine experts have historically fulfilled this need by developing tests to accurately identify pathogens far more quickly than bureaucratic alternatives and have proliferated this testing to the general population through an efficient network of community and regional facilities that partner with local physicians and health institutions. In the midst of COVID-19, laboratories nationwide are rising to the challenge of supporting the influx of needed coronavirus testing, which is key to managing the pandemic and refining the models that inform public policy. As a committed partner to diagnostic providers and the healthcare industry, XIFIN today announced dedicated efforts to bring important payor information and testing resources closer to labs on the front lines of diagnostics for COVID-19.

Uniting with other healthcare organizations, technology companies, nonprofits and startups, XIFIN has joined the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition to lend its deep industry expertise and insights from its relationships with public and private payor organizations directly to labs that need it most. The Coalition was established with a focus on preserving healthcare delivery systems and saving lives by coordinating member organizations’ collective expertise, capabilities, data and insights to inform healthcare providers in optimizing decisions to effectively manage patient care during the pandemic.

In tandem with this effort, XIFIN has launched an online COVID-19 Laboratory Resource Center, which offers an array of useful information on commercial and government payor guidelines and codes. This information is readily accessible for lab professionals in one place, at a time when industry needs and situational updates are changing at a breakneck pace. XIFIN is in regular communication with each of the major payors to collect and confirm billing code assignment, billing-specific requirements, relevant reimbursement information and to address adjudication errors in processing the new codes. Timely announcements and documents from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and other organizations are also being updated on a regular basis. This information is also being made available through the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition.

“Labs across the country are stepping in to manage a high volume of required testing for COVID-19. Now more than ever, they need access to timely information and resources so that they can focus their efforts on their core mission as we collectively work together to provide needed insights for informed healthcare decisions,” said Lâle White, Executive Chair and CEO, XIFIN. “Our team understands that time is of the essence and industry coordination is imperative to address this unprecedented health event. XIFIN has always provided support and advocacy for the diagnostic community, and today we are helping our partners determine how to best operate in this environment. XIFIN is committed to continuing that effort to help our customers and our nation get through this crisis.”

In addition, XIFIN has created a network to source and reallocate available resources between labs, in support of those facilities that are experiencing increased testing volumes but need supplies to keep up with the demand. For more information on how to get involved or to list unused items in certifiable condition, please visit the XIFIN blog.

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