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Xona Microfluidics, LLC Celebrates Selling Over 100,000 Microfluidic Devices, and 10 Years of Producing Innovative Systems For Neuroscience

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Xona Microfluidics, LLC, (“Xona”), a life sciences company, is
celebrating over 100,000 microfluidic devices and chips sold to
neuroscientists and laboratories worldwide since 2008. Xona introduced
the new cyclic olefin copolymer XonaChip™ in March 2018 to address
increasing demand among neuroscientists for a pre-assembled,
easier-to-use, and more reliable compartmentalized platform. XonaChips™
have been well-received by customers and over 4,000 have been sold
to-date. Since launching the XonaChips™, sales revenues have nearly

In April 2019, Xona introduced another innovation, the new Xona
ChipTray™. The ChipTray™ holds two XonaChips™ (or other microfluidic
devices) and provides an enclosure for incubating cells within a
humidified environment that is also optimized for microscopy using
standard air objectives. Xona currently has a patent pending for the
ChipTray™ (US 62/824,050).

Xona’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Anne Taylor, a biomedical engineer and
co-inventor of Xona’s microfluidic technology, expressed her
appreciation to the National Institute of Health (N.I.H.) for sponsoring
research and grants in excess of $2.5 million to develop the XonaChip™
and for other research projects. “We are very grateful to the N.I.H. for
its commitment to Xona. We are excited that our technology is being used
to help researchers develop therapeutic options to treat acquired brain
injuries and neurodegenerative diseases. We are especially excited about
our relationships with several pharmaceutical companies that use Xona
products,” said Dr. Taylor.

Xona’s products are instrumental for high-profile stroke, pain, and
neurodegenerative disease studies, as published last year in Nature
Neuroscience, Journal of Clinical Investigation and the Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences. Demonstrations of the new XonaChips™
for use with animal and human model neurons were recently published in
the peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Visualized Experiments (Nagendran
et al., 2018; Paranjape et al., 2019).

Xona holds the exclusive license to manufacture and sell the XonaChip™,
and related devices, under United States (US 7,419,822 B1) and European
Union (EP 1 581 612 B1) patents held by the University of California,
including divisional rights in multiple European countries. Xona has
sold its products to researchers and institutions in the United States,
Europe, the Middle East, Africa, China, India, Australia and New Zealand.