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Xtern Software Debuts HarmonyB2B

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Xtern Software, a software design and development studio, released its newest product, HarmonyB2B. “We created HarmonyB2B because we found that companies needed a custom enterprise-level solution without the enterprise-level price,” said Xtern Software President Keir Davis.

HarmonyB2B is aimed at companies trying to bolster their ecommerce presence. COVID-19 has magnified the desire of consumers to shop from their homes, even for large purchases once limited to wholesalers. This shift in purchasing behavior doesn’t seem likely to abate anytime soon.

“Our clients are looking for ways to make shopping as seamless of an experience as possible,” said Xtern Software VP of Sales & Marketing Jennifer Davis. “We’re delighted to have a solution that creates an easy shopping experience for consumers and is easy and cost-effective for companies to implement.”

HarmonyB2B combines a robust Content Management System with CruxDB, a cloud-based catalog system. These two platforms are integrated from the ground up, eliminating the need for additional plug-ins or programs.

Keir Davis developed CruxDB in 2010 for customers in the Home Furniture and Accessories industry. It provides secure and ready access to data, and integrates with ERP and POS systems to automatically update product availability. It enables users to build cross-platform content from the same source content to eliminate redundant work.

The Content Management System component was created earlier this year by one of Xtern Software’s lead developers. HarmonyB2B consolidates an open-source project with an already existing mature product. The result is a user-friendly and intuitive platform that integrates with Xtern’s other products, as well as other software a company may already be using.

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