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Xtreme Performance Lab Announces New Mental Training Technology to Boost Performance for Military Personnel

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Over 1.1 million citizens currently serve in the United States military*, where the demand for mental toughness and endurance is unlike any other profession. U.S. military officers are masters of fitness, endurance and preparation, but as hard as they train their bodies, training their mind is the critical element needed to tap into new areas for performance improvement. Today, Xtreme Performance Lab (XPL) announces the next generation of mental conditioning technology, offering effective skills training to United States military personnel to support enhanced self-regulation skills, better motor performance and greater ability to perform under extreme stress.

Using a patent-pending combination of proven biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques, combined with the latest in real-time, three-dimensional brain monitoring and imaging software, XPL offers military personnel an individualized mental assessment and training solution to help enhance performance and focus while under extreme stress. After completion of training, the goal is for these physiological skills to become automatic reflexes, providing a strong benefit to military personnel whose very survival depends on quick and effective mental performance.

“Our military personnel are heroes in every sense – through their sacrifice, service and dedication to our nation’s safety,” says David A. Clarke, founder and CEO of Xtreme Performance Lab. “They live day in and day out in war zones and high stress environments where peak performance is the key to survival. Whether it’s the mental fortitude for battle, or the necessary mental well-being when coming home to their families and friends, XPL’s proprietary neuro and biofeedback training can help prepare military personnel with the mental toughness they need while deployed and the wellness skills they need back home.”

Professionally guided trainings are done remotely via XPL’s NeuroPod PRO® delivery platform and measurable results can be achieved in just two hours per week. XPL services include a comprehensive Performance Capabilities Assessment to help understand the officer’s baseline abilities, individualized mental training protocols using the company’s proprietary Quantitative Neuro-Physical Conditioning (QNPC), and mental wellness progress measurements.

“As a result of training, military personnel will see increased individual awareness, reduced physiological tensions and distractions, and improved focus for more accurate performance,” continues Clarke. “Our goal at XPL is to equip our military members with the necessary skills needed to boost mental performance, allowing them to stay focused and safe while serving our country.”

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About Xtreme Performance Lab

The Xtreme Performance Lab (XPL) team has more than 30 years of experience in mental training across a variety of industries, helping athletes reach their peak performance, aiding first responders and the military in mental preparedness and coping skills and preparing executives with the ability to command a room. XPL’s cutting-edge technologies enable it to help professionals identify, measure, train and reach “The ZONE,” the ultimate state of optimal performance. The company’s remote service delivery platform allows it to train anyone, anytime, anywhere. XPL offers the next generation of elite training that can turn natural ability into unbeatable performance. For more information, visit

*DMDC. Military and Civilian Personnel by Service/Agency by State/Country. November 14, 2019.