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Yellowbrick Accelerates Its Market Momentum

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Hybrid cloud data warehouse company Yellowbrick today announced accelerated corporate momentum, including: rapidly expanding revenues; ongoing customer, partner and employee growth; and continual technical innovation in the data warehousing and analytics market.

The company achieved a four times (4X) increase in revenues from 2018 to 2019, and doubled the number of systems integrator and reseller partners. Yellowbrick also doubled its employee headcount during that same time period, with new personnel in customer service, marketing and engineering to support its rapid growth.

Yellowbrick empowers users to make faster decisions with their data. It is the only data warehouse designed to deliver a scalable, fast service from any cloud, from any data center, or from any combination of public clouds and private data centers. Yellowbrick offers the most flexible data warehouse service available, and, as a result, its high-performance hybrid solutions have gained enthusiastic customer traction.

“Yellowbrick’s continued growth is validation of our modern, hybrid cloud strategy, and enterprise customers remain hungry for the kind of analytic processing power that we deliver,” said Neil Carson, Yellowbrick Data’s CEO. “Our ongoing momentum – including revenue, customer and employee growth – sets us apart in the data warehousing space and positions us as a leader among stiff competition.”

A New Market and a Track Record of Innovation

Unconstrained by legacy revenue streams and recognizing the inherent limitations of public cloud, Yellowbrick was an early mover in the market for hybrid cloud data warehouses. The company took an innovative path and created a purpose-built, high-performance data warehouse that combines storage, networking and compute capabilities in a revolutionary way; primarily by leveraging the latest advancements in solid state drives (SSD) and hardware-driven SQL acceleration via Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology.

The company’s cloud offering, in particular, helps enterprises immediately overcome the scale, cost and performance challenges posed by traditional cloud data warehouses. Its multi-cloud support allows customers to connect multiple public and private clouds to a single Yellowbrick Cloud Data Warehouse. The primary benefit realized is support for the applications, users and public clouds of their choice.

Research firms describe hybrid data warehouses as optimal for modern enterprises. In the case of Yellowbrick, the company’s technology goes far beyond that of warehouse vendors who simply place their software on top of storage or compute systems not designed for heavy analytics processing. What’s more, the cloud-based implementation of Yellowbrick’s data warehouse achieves nearly the same performance as on-premise solutions, a critical consideration for enterprises that may have data stores in disparate locations.

“When it comes to the new era of high-performance, high-value data warehouse solutions that can be rapidly deployed across the cloud, or on-premises, Yellowbrick is particularly well-positioned,” commented William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group. “They have created a unique offering that delivers performance and rapid time to value, placing them at the forefront of data warehouse solutions.”

Yellowbrick can improve query performance by up to 100 times (100X), achieving consistent performance improvement for customer analytics, and also improves overall analytics performance in third-party performance benchmarks.

According to Yellowbrick Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Spicer: “Yellowbrick enables its customers to do things they previously couldn’t. Analytics can now be done in minutes instead of hours or days, and reports and queries can be done in real time. The implications for business are huge, and our customers are rethinking their entire approach to analytics with Yellowbrick.”

Customer Validation

With Yellowbrick, enterprises can perform near-real time analytics with a reliable, easy-to-manage system that delivers cost-efficiency and flexibility. Yellowbrick improves enterprise analytics capabilities with faster time-to-insight and helps companies achieve hard-to-reach business goals. Customer enthusiasm runs high, as evidenced by Yellowbrick’s net promoter score (NPS) of 83, among the highest loyalty scores in the data warehouse industry.

“We’re driving the market because we’ve raised the bar on analytics performance and expectations for a data warehouse,” commented Christopher Zang, head of customer care for Yellowbrick Data. “Not only does Yellowbrick offer the most highly-performing data warehouse platform, it provides that performance at a price and manageability level that’s unmatched in the industry, which is precisely why we’re taking on the establishment players and winning.”

Customer Symphony RetailAI agrees: “We’ve implemented Yellowbrick across multiple sources of data, with 4-5X faster data access times than our previous data warehouse, including performance gains that made a difference in our business decision-making,” commented Nigel Pratt, SVP Technology at Symphony RetailAI. “In addition to achieving greater performance, reliability and stability, we’ve been able to reduce overhead costs and streamline implementation across our global organization. For companies like ours, Yellowbrick represents the best way forward in data warehousing and analytics.”


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