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Yieldmo’s Smart Exchange Integrates with LiveRamp, Enabling Best-in-Class Insights with Addressability

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LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP), the leading data connectivity platform, today announced it has completed an integration with Yieldmo, the SMART Exchange that increases the value of inventory for both buyers and sellers by going beyond keywords and content on each transaction, and reimagining contextual to understand how each unique impression behaves. By supporting LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, Yieldmo enables publishers to have best-in-class contextual and addressability under one roof. This partnership reinforces that contextual and addressable are not only compatible, but beneficial: publishers are able to leverage addressability, while brands are able to buy using context.

“There is a lot of competing noise in the industry right now that revolves around when outdated identifiers, like the third-party cookie, will be deprecated. But that isn’t where our focus should be. Our focus, as an industry, should be on supporting identity solutions that simply work better right now,” said Travis Clinger, SVP and head of addressability and ecosystem at LiveRamp. “Our neutral and interoperable solution gives both marketers and publishers choice and control over how they want to buy and measure media and connect their data across the internet. And the best part? It performs better across key KPIs.”

A new Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, commissioned by LiveRamp, found advertisers who use LiveRamp’s solution in place of third-party cookies can achieve 343% ROI over three years, with payback within only six months of initial investment.

Worldwide, over 100 brands across verticals have already recognized this urgency, embracing ATS as a durable and valuable solution for seamless activation, measurement, and attribution across display, mobile in-app, connected TV, and OTT.

“Yieldmo and LiveRamp are committed to supporting the open web with privacy-first solutions that work for buyers, content creators, and users,” said Jeremy Steinberg, chief revenue officer & GM, Exchange of Yieldmo. “This partnership underscores that commitment, and further demonstrates the importance of investing in sustainable, modern identity solutions that provide publishers with more paths to monetization, while giving buyers greater targeting scale and returns.”

ATS was designed to stand the test of time. It was purpose-built with current and future privacy regulations in mind, and reinforces a value exchange with increased transparency. Further, authentication-based solutions that prioritize transparency often translate into higher-value inventory and better data. Campaigns run better on ATS today, can increase reach on Safari, Firefox, and Edge, and ensure marketers are set up for future success. Additionally, publishers who adopt an authentication strategy now will gain a significant competitive advantage in replacing mobile IDs, cookies, and other problematic identifiers that do not prioritize consumer privacy, while simultaneously improving the customer experience.

“We’re excited to see quality Mediavine partner, Yieldmo, join forces with data connectivity powerhouse, LiveRamp, to tackle addressability and identity issues. Collaborations like these are essential as the industry collectively strives for cookieless solutions in a privacy-first future,” says Phil Bohn, SVP, sales and revenue at Mediavine.

To date, over 1,100 publishers of the Comscore top 5,000 are live with ATS, offering marketers a more efficient way to reach their customers and measure campaign outcomes without third-party cookies or device identifiers. Currently, 70% of the Comscore 20 and 65% of the Comscore 50 are working with LiveRamp to enable people-based inventory and improve monetization, including Microsoft Advertising, the world’s second-largest publisher, which has seen over a 40% increase in CPMs on authenticated impressions in initial tests.

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