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Yottabyte Software Helps ZebraHost Quickly Deploy Private Clouds for Customers

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, a software company specializing in virtualization of the data
center, announced today that ZebraHost,
a leading hosting and technology consulting company, leverages Yottabyte
software to offer its customers private cloud environments that are
secure, resilient, and scalable. Since installing Yottabyte software in
their data center, ZebraHost has reduced their number of support
requests and increased customer satisfaction.

“The security, resilience and scalability of our Yottabyte Cloud has
resulted in reduced support requests from customers,” said Clive
Swanepoel, Owner of ZebraHost. “The intuitive dashboard and the speed
with which tasks can be completed is groundbreaking.”

Yottabyte provides a homogenous cloud data center system that enables
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like ZebraHost to build, deploy,
manage, and grow their own virtual data centers. Prior to Yottabyte,
ZebraHost relied on multiple solutions for their hypervisor, disaster
recovery, and backup services. With Yottabyte, ZebraHost experiences a
fully integrated system that incorporates streamlined cloud services and
offers a unique alternative to the public cloud.

“The ability to hand over each and every client their own hypervisor is
a game changer,” said Nate Battles, Managing Partner at ZebraHost.
“Prior to Yottabyte, everything that we really needed in order to handle
our day-to-day server management tasks meant spending more on a new
hypervisor or expensive licensing for a new tool. With Yottabyte, we
have the ability to incorporate the hypervisor, the backups, the
networking, and the multi-tenancy private clouds that separate our
offerings from the public clouds and other service providers.”

With physical data centers in North America, Asia, and Europe, ZebraHost
finds the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for businesses of
any size and to easily deploy services to their customer base. ZebraHost
indicates that Yottabyte compliments their commitment to efficiency
through quick installation, configuration, and on-going support.

“Our experiences with Yottabyte have been incredible,” said Battles.
“From the mind-boggling fast set up, to racking, installing and spinning
up our first Yottabyte cluster within half a day, to the fast response
time from the support staff… Our experiences have been fantastic.”

Managed services providers (MSPs) like ZebraHost are constantly looking
to improve services in order to better support their customers. As
technology becomes more demanding, so do their standards. Yottabyte
looks forward to continuing to deliver comprehensive and unique IT
solutions to MSPs like ZebraHost that surpass the current needs of IT

About Yottabyte

Yottabyte is a software-defined data center (SDDC) company headquartered
in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Yottabyte offers one product with
multiple solutions that streamlines the cloud building experience.
Yottabyte’s components are fully integrated so IT teams can build,
deploy, and manage nested multi-tenant cloud data centers and services
in minutes.

About ZebraHost

ZebraHost is a leading hosting and technology consulting company which
specializes in disaster recovery, backup and migration solutions. Since
its founding in 2000, ZebraHost has continuously expanded its server
management solutions and now has servers in data centers worldwide.