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YPulse Expands to Western Europe

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YPulse will add Western Europe to its award-winning youth insights platform, providing exclusive data and insights on Gen Z and Millennial consumers aged 13-39 in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain starting Sept. 1, 2021. Expanded geographical coverage includes insight articles and newsfeeds curated by on-the-ground teams in Western Europe; over 60 behavioral and trends reports focused on Western European youth per year including data on social media, shopping, culture and more; and daily brand tracking, exploring the sentiments and purchasing behaviors of young consumers of the top brands today.

“We’re excited to be expanding our powerful and award-winning youth insights into 6 new markets in 2021,” says Dan Coates, President and CEO of YPulse. “Our current Fortune 500 subscribers are eager to make breakthrough business decisions based on accurate youth insight outside of the US and our coverage will further expand to eventually encompass 32 countries worldwide.”

YPulse’s Western Europe and North American (United States, Canada) offerings will deliver millions of data points annually on Gen Z and Millennial behaviors, trends, and brands. YPulse data is powered by over 230,000 surveys conducted annually on a nationally representative basis, covering the more than 700 million people aged 13-39 living in North America and Western Europe. All data is representative of youth populations within each individual country. The YPulse youth brand tracker continuously measures the performance of 1,000 brands across 12 industries and seven countries.

Not only does YPulse provide powerful youth data, but also expert context and insights to give clients a three-dimensional perspective of the trends, attitudes and behaviors that define Gen Z and Millennials. YPulse youth experts in North America and Western Europe produce over 100 trend and behavioral reports annually on topics such as shopping and retail, media consumption habits, career plans, and more.

To learn more about the YPulse Western Europe insights platform, visit or e-mail