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Zagster Launches Its First Scooter Share Program in Florida

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Zagster, the industry’s leading fleet management platform for the micro-mobility sharing economy, is launching its first scooter share program in Florida. The program will launch today in Fort Pierce with a ribbon-cutting event at Marina Square at 10 am ET.

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Scooters will hit the streets of Fort Pierce, FL today. (Photo: Business Wire)

Scooters will hit the streets of Fort Pierce, FL today. (Photo: Business Wire)

St. Lucie County launched a bike share program with Zagster in January 2018. That program has consistently grown in the county’s communities. At the end of August, 2019, there were over 2,754 users and 5,248 rides since the launch of the program.

“The Treasure Coast continues to be a vacation destination for visitors from around the world and now we’ve added a new mode of transportation that will enable them to move more freely around our great community,” Linda Hudson, Mayor of Fort Pierce, said. “For our residents, the scooters will be a last mile option for them as they navigate around the community.”

Zagster is the fleet management partner for the program. Local employees have been hired to ensure that the program is managed efficiently and that scooters are collected, maintained, and redeployed each day. Vehicle and rider data is continuously collected and processed via Wrangler, Zagster’s fleet management platform. The analysis, which is also based on machine learning from communities similar to Fort Pierce, gives employees the tools to get the right vehicle to the right place at the right time, and provides an operations management team with the ability to schedule, distribute and monitor work in real-time.

While Zagster will handle all operations for the program, the scooters are provided by Spin, the e-scooter startup backed by Ford Motors, who has been partnering with Zagster since Spring 2019. Fort Pierce residents and visitors will be able to rent dockless scooters around the city. It costs $1 to unlock a scooter and 25 cents per minute to ride.

“St. Lucie County – and Fort Pierce with the launch of this new scooter share program – is a pioneer in its approach to micro-mobility,” Dan Grossman, CEO, Zagster, said. “We’re thrilled to be the city’s fleet management partner and have hired some terrific residents of the area to operate the program. We look forward to becoming a trusted member of the Fort Pierce community.”

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