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ZebiAI Joins the EUbOPEN Consortium to Provide Tools to Unlock Disease Biology

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ZebiAI is pleased to announce its participation in the 66 million-euro EUbOPEN Consortium, which aims to develop high quality chemical tool compounds for 1,000 proteins (one third of the druggable proteins in the human body). “Enabling and Unlocking biology in the OPEN” (EUbOPEN) is a recently launched public-private partnership empowering academia and industry alike to explore disease biology and unlock the discovery of new drug targets and treatments. ZebiAI joins 22 other partner organizations, including universities, research institutes, and large pharmaceutical companies.

ZebiAI’s Chemome Initiative, which utilizes a machine learning (ML)-driven discovery platform to further characterize the function of understudied proteins and validate novel therapeutic targets in partnership with the research community, is an ideal fit for EUbOPEN. ZebiAI’s platform utilizes vast datasets of high-quality protein-small molecule interaction data and proprietary machine learning (ML) algorithms, applied in partnership with Google Accelerated Science, to discover novel compounds from commercial and virtual libraries.

EUbOPEN will enable access to tool compounds discovered by ZebiAI in partnership with the EUbOPEN Consortium, empowering researchers to explore disease biology and discover new drug targets and treatments.

Rick Wagner, CEO of ZebiAI said, “Applying ZebiAI’s ML-driven discovery platform to targets of interest to the EUbOPEN Consortium will contribute to the discovery of novel biology and further our collective understanding of disease pathways. Our platform offers a unique, ultra-fast methodology to discover chemical probes and ultimately drug candidates across dozens of programs in parallel. We look forward to exploring novel disease targets with our fellow EUbOPEN partners.​”

The EUbOPEN Consortium is supported by a grant from the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) 2 Joint Undertaking, EFPIA, OICR, McGill University, KTH and Diamond Light Source Limited.

About ZebiAI Therapeutics

ZebiAI Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology company based in Waltham, Massachusetts, focused on improving human health by powering machine learning (ML) to map the chemistry of the genome and discover new therapeutics. The company’s core technology applies ML algorithms to vast amounts of high-quality protein-small molecule interaction data to discover novel compounds from commercial and virtual libraries. As one of its core strategic programs, ZebiAI, together with its partner Google Accelerated Science, is applying its ML-driven discovery platform to efficiently deliver new chemical probes to the research community for thousands of human proteins of interest through the Chemome Initiative.